How To Keep Your Heater In Good Shape During The Winter?

There are numerous reasons to ensure that your heater is in excellent condition. Regular heating maintenance in Gladstone will provide excellent heating for your home at the lowest possible cost, extend the life of your heater, and even enhance indoor air quality.

Maintain Your Heater With The Following Tips

  • Change The Filter Of Your System: Even if you don’t execute any of the other basic furnace maintenance duties, you should make it a habit to replace the filters regularly. Most HVAC professionals recommend changing your filters every one to three months, depending on how frequently you use your HVAC system.

    It is a simple task that you can accomplish on your own without the assistance of a professional. Keeping the filters in your home’s heater clean will perform more efficiently, improve indoor air quality, and save you money on heating repair in Gladstone in the long term.

  • Adjust Your Thermostat’s Temperature: By reducing your thermostat by just one degree below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you can easily save 5% on your heating costs. Simply reducing the temperature by two degrees, from 70 to 68, will result in a 10% decrease in energy costs.

    Nevertheless, make sure you do not turn off the heat while absent. If the temperature in your home falls below freezing, not only will it be more difficult to bring it back up to a comfortable level, but there is also a chance that your pipes will burst. Instead, try lowering the thermostat’s temperature by a few degrees.

  • Reduce The Heating Load On Your Furnace: Suppose you want your furnace to survive a lifetime without any costly heating repair in Gladstone. In that case, you should not force it to work harder than necessary to maintain a reasonable indoor temperature. When you have the chance, increase your home’s insulation so it can hold less weight. Examine the insulation materials in your home’s attic to determine if they are still performing their function.

    The ceiling joists would be an excellent sign. If the material covers them, you are safe for the time being. Suppose it is discovered that insulation is falling beneath the joists. In that case, you may need to contact a contractor to add additional insulation or replace the joists with ones of a higher quality.

  • Closing The Vents And Examining For Draughts: Check the air ducts to ensure they are adequately sealed, and fill any gaps or openings with insulation material. Inspect your home’s windows and doors while you’re at it; air leakage might account for up to ten percent of your heating and cooling costs.

    Install weatherstripping or caulk around draughty doors and windows to prevent air loss and repair these leaks. The spaces surrounding water pipes generated as they pass through walls are an additional significant cause of heat loss in dwellings.

    Electrical outlets are a prominent source of heat loss in exterior walls. To further minimize your home’s heating costs, inspect the spots specified above and seal any gaps you detect.

You can rely on Barker Heating and Cooling to give you the most dependable heating maintenance in Gladstone. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule your annual furnace maintenance.

What To Check First If Your Heater Isn’t Running

If your heater stops working in the middle of winter, the first instinct would be to contact a specialist. However, before you call professionals, you can try a few basic steps to see if you can solve the problem on your own. It might help you identify and resolve the issue more quickly without incurring the cost of calling a repair service.

Some Helpful Troubleshooting Tips For Resolving Heater Issues

  • Check Your Thermostat Settings: The first thing you should do is check the thermostat settings in your home. Verify that your thermostat is still in heating mode. If the thermostat settings are correct, the next step is to ensure that the desired temperature is higher than the ambient temperature in your home.

    Make sure the battery in your thermostat isn’t weak. If that’s the case, make the necessary replacements. If it’s powered by electricity, check the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. You can accomplish this by simply flipping the switch on and off. 

  • Check Circuit Breaker: If the power to the system is disconnected, your heater will stop heating, so check the circuit breaker for indications of a tripped circuit. If your breaker has tripped, turn off your heating system. Reset the breaker and then switch on the heating system. If the breaker trips again, you will require a heating system repair as soon as possible.

  • Inspect Clogged Air Filter: A clogged filter is one of the most prevalent causes of a heater not working. A clogged air filter restricts airflow throughout the heater significantly. As a result, the heater will be unable to circulate sufficient heat throughout your home.

    It will continue to operate to maintain the set temperature. To avoid such problems, replace the air filters every three months. Change the air filters more frequently if you have pets or live in a dusty location.

  • Check The power switch: Sometimes a heater will not turn on because it has been turned off. Whether you have an electric or gas heating system, a power switch must be in the on position for the heater to function correctly. Locate the power switch on the heater.

    It will frequently resemble a standard light switch and may or may not be labeled. Reset the power switch to the on position and wait for the unit to restart. Some heaters can take several minutes to resume operation.

  • Examine Their Intake Vent: If the air intake vent is clogged, proper ventilation will not be able to enter your heater, causing it to malfunction. Check to see if your vents are open and that no carpets or furniture are blocking them. Even long curtains can restrict airflow or redirect it in undesirable directions.

    The best way to keep your heater functioning is to have it inspected by a professional. A licensed expert can save you time, trouble, and money by performing annual heating maintenance in Gladstone.

To Conclude

If your heating system is still not working after performing these troubleshooting steps or if you are looking for reliable heat pump installation in Libertycontact Barker Heating and Cooling for help. Our team of experienced professional HVAC experts is ready to identify and address the problem with your heater and get your system back up and running.

AC Compressor Failure: Do You Repair Or Replace?

Your AC is also prone to wear and tear like every other machine. It needs motor lubrication, leak repairs, and other complications covered in your routine AC maintenance. However, a damaged compressor is the biggest issue that is difficult to fix.

Hence, AC replacement may become necessary. Replacing the complete unit after the compressor breakdown may be the best option. Contact Barker Heating & Cooling for expert AC replacement in Liberty, MO.

Signs Of A Compressor Problem

Before you think of compressor repair or replacement, you have to know if the problem lies with the compressor or not. So, pay attention to the given signs that indicate compressor failure. 

  • Lack Of Cooling: If your compressor fails, it won’t compress the air passing over the evaporator coil, and you won’t receive cool air throughout your home. A refrigerant leak can also be the reason, but the possibility of a failed compressor is more.

  • Unusual Noises: Hissing and humming sounds from your outside unit indicate a refrigerant leak which causes compressor issues. If you hear any other rattling sound from it, there might be a broken compressor component.

  • AC Does Not Turn On: While your compressor is producing loud noises and not turning on, your AC will also struggle to start up. 

Why Is Compressor Replacement A Better Option?

The compressor is the most expensive part of your AC unit, and if it breaks down, there is no chance of repair. So, the only remaining option is compressor replacement. Here, compressor replacement can be seen in the following three ways: 

  • Replacing only compressor 
  • Replacing the complete outside unit
  • Replacing the entire AC unit

If your AC is relatively new and you have the manufacturer’s warranty, you can get your compressor replaced under the warranty cover at no cost. Since new AC units have warranties that last about ten years, replacing only the compressor can be pocket-friendly and more feasible. 

However, if your AC is more than ten years old, it has no warranty coverage, and you have to consider replacing the entire AC unit. A full upgrade is a bit expensive but more efficient as it solves the issue simultaneously, and the frequent repairs have been reduced. 

It is important to consider the age of the system. As per experts, replacing the entire unit is a better option here. Lastly, consider the age again if you think about replacing the outdoor unit. Also, there are high chances of a mismatch of the system components that could affect the efficiency of your AC and give rise to breakdowns.

The Bottom Line

Give the experts at Barker Heating & Cooling a call at (816) 452-2665 or email us with any concerns about your AC. With more than 25 years of experience in Gladstone, AC service has become our area of expertise.

How Do You Reset Your Heating Thermostat?

With constant use, we may update our HVAC settings regularly.  Hence, you must pick the reset option and return the default settings if you feel your thermostat is not functioning correctly. It is the most common solution that experts suggest to bring back its efficiency. Contact Barker Heating & Cooling for expert heating repair or furnace repair in Liberty, MO.

Guide To Resetting Thermostats

Before resetting a thermostat, know that all thermostats are not the same, and there is a specific manufacturer’s manual for instructions. You won’t want to ruin your heating unit by flipping the wrong switch. Follow the given instructions for each specific kind of thermostat. 

  • Programmable Thermostat: These advanced battery-operated devices can be reset by simply removing or flipping the battery. Start by switching it off and open the battery compartment from the back. Take the batteries out and change the placement back so that the negative and positive terminals are in contact.

    Keep this position for five seconds, then change the direction back to the original. If the display turns on again, your thermostat has been successfully reset. Now, turn your heater on to analyze its performance.

  • Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat: It is the simplest and quickest thermostat to reset and takes no more than a minute. You can do it in two ways, either you remove the outer cover of the unit and press the given reset button for five seconds. The device will immediately reset. The other way, you can again remove the batteries for five seconds and then put them back. The reset is complete.

  • Mechanical Thermostat: If you turn your thermostat on and off manually, it is a mechanical one. It is a non-battery-operated device that requires a constant electricity supply to function. So, before resetting it, ensure the thermostat and power supply are turned off. Start by removing the cover and checking if the connections are securely in place. Wait for a minimum of 30 seconds, and then turn the circuit breaker back on. Finally, switch on the thermostat and check if it runs smoothly. 

  • Low Voltage Electronic Thermostat: This thermostat does not run on a battery but a directly wired connection. It also lacks a digital display, so you must manually set the thermostat. First, remove the device cover and use a soft brush to clean away all the dirt and debris. Initially, set the thermostat to the lowest cooling and clean the components again.

    Now, reset it to the highest heating level and clean the coils again. Lastly, reset the thermostat settings to your desired temperature, and it is done. If you have reset your thermostat using the steps given above, run your HVAC system for a few hours. If you hear no unusual sounds, no smell, or other issues, the reset was successful. However, call a professional if anything feels wrong.

To Wrap Up

Contact the Barker Heating & Cooling team at (816) 452-2665 to let the experienced handle all your HVAC needs. Whether it is a big or small heating repair in Liberty, we have it all covered. Book an online appointment and get email notifications.

Does A Heater Need To Be Serviced?

Heating systems are essential in our homes to keep a comfortable environment in the interiors when the outside world shivers with cold. The heater’s efficiency decreases as it works, and it develops issues that temporarily shut down the heater. 

Have you ever imagined how you will survive next winter when your heating system is not functioning, until heating repair in Gladstone fixes the issue? 

The next few days will be hard to get through if your heating system is down. Warm clothes and cozy blankets may help you, but they might not provide comfort like a heating system does. That’s why it is essential to call a qualified service technician to inspect the heating system before winter begins. 

Why Should You Call A Heating Technician For The Service?

The heating service in Gladstone includes inspection and maintenance. The technician inspects the heating for accurate function and looks for issues that potentially damage the entire heating system. The technician quickly fixes the issues and moves on to the maintenance step. The maintenance includes: 

  • Replacing the faulty electrical wires.

  • Changing the insulation covering.

  • Lubricating the mechanical components. 

  • Cleaning the heating parts. For example, the fan and motor.

  • Replacing the air filter.

Depending on the system’s complexity and accessibility to the heating unit, the technician finishes the service within one hour. The maintenance service helps keep all heating issues at bay. 

Let’s learn about the benefits you get from servicing your heater, just like your car. 

Benefits Of Calling The Heating Technician For Servicing The Heating Unit

As per our heating repair in Liberty, here are the benefits you receive by calling the heating technician to service your heater: 

  • Long Life: You extend the system’s life when you call the technician for maintenance. Maintenance services eliminate all the factors that degrade the heating functioning and affect the components. 

  • Fewer Repairs: A minor repair issue becomes massive when it is not fixed at the proper time. There is no chance an issue will be left untreated if your maintenance technician checks the system every winter’s beginning and end.

  • Safe Operations: If safety operations work improperly, heating systems can be dangerous for your household. It can lead to short circuits, carbon monoxide, or fuel leakage. A technician will repair the fault, safely and ensure that your system works smoothly and perfectly. 

  • Comfortable And Cozy Environment: You will feel the difference in the heating system working after the maintenance service. The technician lubricates the mechanical components and cleans them, increasing the system’s performance. 

  • No Sudden Breakdowns: Another advantage you get by calling the technician is that there would be no sudden breakdown surprises. Servicing is necessary if you want to spend the winters peacefully and comfortably. Maintenance services are the best way to protect your heating system.

If you are looking forward to spending the holidays with your family and friends without any heating problems, heating service in Liberty can help! Call Barker Heating and Cooling and schedule a heating service today!

How Much Does It Cost To Service A Heat Pump?

The heat pump is one of the most popular and environmentally friendly HVAC systems these days. A heat pump is a HVAC system that can keep your indoor environment comfortable throughout the year and can maintain the temperature in your residence as per your preference.

The heat pump is more complicated than the traditional heating and cooling systems as it focuses on transferring the heat from one place to another. It becomes essential to call the Gladstone heat pump inspection HVAC company to check and examine the heat pump system.

Why Should You Call The Technicians For Servicing?

It is necessary to call the heating professionals to inspect your heat pump system. 

  • Maintenance services help to detect and fix faults or issues before they become a massive problem. A small issue may turn into a big mess and damage the operating heat pump system. 

  • The service keeps all the unnecessary costs away from disturbing your monthly budget. 

  • The heat pump works tirelessly for the entire year. The complete work schedule increases the load on the components and reduces the system’s life. According to the heat pump installation in Liberty, maintenance service conserves and boosts the system’s life. 

  • The maintenance services enhance the system’s performance and work perfectly and effectively. 

  • Heat pump systems are responsible for keeping a proper airflow in residence to ensure that you breathe healthy and clean air. Dirty and unmaintained heat pump systems pollute the indoor environment and may affect the family member’s health. 

Benefits Of Calling The Technician For Heat Pump Service

The advantage the household owners get when they call the Gladstone heat pump inspection for servicing is that they save significant money by avoiding unnecessary expenditures. A malfunctioning heat pump system may consume more electricity and may have higher upkeep costs than a maintained heat pump system. 

If your heat pump system is well maintained then there will be fewer repair costs.  However, there is a higher chance that your system will develop costly repair issues if your system is unmaintained. There is also a risk that you may have to replace your heat pump system because it may have permanently broken down. 

Cost Of Maintenance Service

The maintenance service for the heat pump costs around $80 – $130. However, the price may vary due to unforeseen factors like repairing a fault or issue. Experts recommend that household owners call maintenance services biannually for heat pump inspection. 

Maintenance service in the late spring and autumn keeps the heat pump system up and running without increasing the electricity load. The annual maintenance for a heat pump may cost around $160-$300, which is better than spending thousands of dollars on early replacement service.

Hire The Best HVAC Services

Barker Heating and Cooling technicians are here to provide world-class HVAC services in your region!

At your ease and convenience, our technician will provide world-class and reliable services that will keep your heat pump system in good condition. Call our technician for heating service in Liberty and surrounding regions at (816) 452-2665

Why Is Your Furnace Clicking But Not Igniting?

Many times, household owners face this issue with their gas furnaces where the system does not ignite. If the system does not ignite, it will not warm up the residence, and you might have spent the entire night shivering in the cold. There are many reasons why your furnace system is not igniting. 

The ignition process will start working again if you clean the burner and the surrounding area. You can even check whether the air filter is clogged or not. However, the problem arises when you hear the furnace system’s clicking noise, but there is no ignition process. If you are facing this issue, then do not worry. Professional furnace repair in Liberty, MO, will help you find a solution to your HVAC problem!

Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Clicking But Not Igniting

Your furnace is dependent on the ignition system. If the ignition system does not work appropriately, the furnace system will also deliver inefficient services. Here are some reasons why your ignition system is not operating: 

  • Malfunctioning Thermocouple: The thermocouple is a sensor responsible for opening and shutting the gas valves to gas burners. The thermocouple shuts the gas valves when it detects a flame. If there is an issue with the thermocouple functioning, it will not open the gas valves for the fuel to enter the combustion chamber.

    You will hear the clicking noise that the spark ignitor will make to start the combustion process, but there will be no fire because the gas valves are shut down.       

  • Pilot Light Issues: According to the Liberty heating repair, the pilot light helps keep the gas lines open. The heat from the fire sends a voltage through the thermocouple to keep the gas line open when the pilot light is on. When the pilot goes down, the gas lines shut down for a while.

    The pilot light doesn’t work when there is an incorrect mixture of gas and air. So, if the pilot light malfunctions, the thermocouple does not get the voltage to open the gas line for fuel to enter the chamber.

  • Gas Valve Issues: When the gas valve shuts down, it closes the path for gas to travel to the combustion chamber for ignition. The spark ignitor will click to start the ignition process, but there will be no ignition since there is no gas in the chamber.

    A gas valve shuts down for several reasons like faulty ignition board, improper valve, and issue in the connection between board and valve.

How To Resolve The Problem?

It is essential to call Liberty heating service to look after the issue because a professional can resolve the ignition system problem. It is better not to use any DIY hacks videos or tutorials you found on the internet without consulting an expert. Barker Heating and Cooling technicians are here to resolve all your furnace system issues with precision.

Calling the technician is your best bet for fixing the gas furnace system repairs. The technician knows how to deal with the issue because they have several years of experience handling it. Barker HVAC technicians will reignite your furnace back in no time. Call (816)-452-2665, for our furnace repair in Liberty, MO. We will arrive at the earliest to repair your furnace!

How Often Should You Update Your HVAC?

HVAC systems are essential to maintain airflow and indoor air quality indoors. It is impossible to get through summers and winters without a proper cooling and heating system installed in our homes. That’s why it is necessary to know when the right time to update your old HVAC system is, so you do not have to experience discomfort and inconvenience.

How do you know when the right time to update your HVAC system is? Or are you confused about whether you should replace your heating system? The heating installation in Liberty will find a solution to your problem.

According to heating experts, the right time to update your HVAC system is after 15-20 years. The manufacturing companies design the heating systems to work and maintain a comfortable environment in winter. 

2 reasons Why The Heating System Stops Working Before Its Service Time.

  • The heating unit’s functioning starts to degrade significantly, and the system cannot provide comfortable services.   

  • The heating system develops a massive issue, and its repair cost is around 50% of the new HVAC system cost. 

Experts of
heating repair in Liberty suggest customers to buy a new heating system if it is too expensive to repair the old system. Moreover, there is no guarantee that your heating system will work perfectly after the repair. So, it is better to buy a new one rather than to spend lots of money on repairing the old one. 

Is This The Right Time To Replace Your HVAC System? Let’s Find Out!

If your heating system has not developed any repair issues but does not effectively increase the temperature inside the house, then also you can replace the heating system. However, the problem can be due to an issue building inside the AC system that affects the heating system’s functioning. 

A technician might help you solve the problem. Call the heating installation in Liberty to inspect your heating system and guide you on how to resolve the issue. 

Below Are Some Signs That Indicate It Is Time To Update Your HVAC System:

  • A sudden surge in electricity bills hints that your heating system is improperly working. 

  • The heating system takes significant time to warm up the residence. 

  • You should consider replacing the system if your heating unit makes loud and disturbing noises during operation. 

  • An increase in humidity and dust due to the heating system indicates that replacement time is near.  

  • It is essential to call the technician to check the HVAC system if you smell some unusual odour when the heating system works.  

Call Barker Heating and Cooling Experts Today To Find The Best System For You!

The reason behind the short lifetime of the HVAC system is improper and untimely maintenance. Maintenance service is a small investment to keep your HVAC system in good condition and extend the system’s life. So, if you have not contacted heating repair in Liberty for maintenance, then call today and schedule an appointment for heating maintenance.  

If your heating system displays all the replacement signs, Barker HVAC technicians experts will help you find the best new system for you! Call (816)-452-2665, and our experts will be there in no time to help you out!  

10 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair Or Replacement

AC issues often arise mostly during the summer when we use our AC the most. A faulty or outdated AC system is often pushed beyond its capabilities on very calm days. 

A well-functioning air conditioner is significant to your family’s health and can be easily managed with regular service. Identifying small problems before they become big can help you avoid costly AC repair services.

Signs Showing Your AC Needs Repair

Here are a few things that suggest you need to schedule an AC installation in Gladstone. Some of them are: 


  • Air Conditioning System Is Blowing Warm Air: If you notice that your system is emitting warm air, you should first turn it off and have it serviced. It could be due to a compressor issue or an incorrect thermostat setting. 

  • Restricted Airflow: Hot spots may occur in certain portions of the room. It may be due to airflow restriction caused by a dirty air filter. 

  • You Are Noticing A Lot Of Rattling Sound: All the air conditioners make some noise. However, rattling or other weird noises indicate that your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced. 
  • AC Not Removing Enough Humidity: Part of an air conditioner’s job is to reduce the humidity in your home. You may need to repair it if you’re worried about humidity, even with the air conditioner on. 

  • Strange Odors When AC Turned On: Air conditioners should not give strange odors. If it happens, you have a problem. In this case, a strong odor could indicate burnt wires inside the unit, and a musty odor could indicate mold somewhere in the unit or plumbing.

  • Water Leaks Around Air Conditioning Unit: Moisture escaping into or around air conditioning systems is a problem. It could indicate a refrigerant leak. So you should call a professional HVAC technician as soon as you notice moisture leaking around the unit. 

  • Frequent Issues: If your HVAC unit appears to be having problems consistently, you should hire a technician to go to your home to inspect and diagnose the problem. Keeping up with your HVAC unit will save you money and time in the long run. 

  • The Thermostat Is Not Working: If you have problems with cooling time and how long it takes your home to cool down, you have a problem with your thermostat. 

  • Continuous Cycle: The air conditioner automatically turns off when it cools the house to the desired temperature and turns on again when turned on. However, the system’s efficiency is questionable if this cycle occurs frequently. 

  • Rising Electric Bill: If your AC is contributing to rapidly increasing energy bills with no additional usage, the cause of this problem is one of many, such as a faulty thermostat switch, a leak in the HVAC system ducts, or an aging air conditioner. Regardless of the cause, the device needs to be repaired.

Barker Heating & Cooling is a premier HVAC company with trained and licensed technicians providing customers with the highest quality service and AC replacement in Gladstone. Visit the website or call for more details if you have any questions.

Why Is The AC Running But Not Cooling?

Several people rely on air conditioning systems to make themselves comfortable during summer. Some focus on buying new air conditioners, tuning the system, and participating in air conditioner maintenance, while others deal with air conditioner repairs and system issues. 

There are various problems relating to air conditioners, but the most common one is that the air conditioner is running but not cooling effectively. Contact our Gladstone air conditioning company for any AC-related issues, and we will guide you.

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Not Giving Cool Air?

There are many reasons why the air conditioner is working, but the house is not cooling. Problems can be with the thermostats, filters, or other essential system components. 

Although you can always call your AC service provider to diagnose and fix the problem, there are some troubleshooting tips you can try first. 


  • Examine The Air Filter: It may surprise you, but a dirty air filter can affect your cooling system. However, we recommend you check it regularly for contamination and replace it if necessary.

  • Check The Thermostat: If your HVAC is working but not cooling, the first step is to check your thermostat. First, you need to ensure that the unit is set to cool. If this happens, check your temperature settings to see if someone has adjusted them.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coil: The evaporator coil is part of the interior of the central air conditioning system. Below are the signs of a frozen evaporator coil:
  1. Frost buildup onto the copper refrigerant tubing.  

  2. Insufficient ventilation.

  3. Increased energy costs. 

  4. Condensate flow near your internal unit is excessive.

  5. Ice formation on the external refrigerant tubing or the exterior unit.


  • Leaking Refrigerant: Refrigerant is required for the air conditioner to function properly. It is the chemical that flows through both indoor and outdoor systems. The main purpose of refrigerants is to remove heat and moisture from indoor air before it is released outside.

    It is important to note that if the refrigerant is leaking, you should focus on fixing it rather than adding more refrigerant. Fixing a refrigerant leak problem is an air conditioner repair that a trained HVAC technician should perform. 

  • Leaky Ducts: HVAC ducts are used to move conditioned air throughout your home so that any leaks can create kinks. There are many AC ducts in the attic.

    Some of this warm air can enter the ducts and increase the temperature in the room. Repairing leaky ducts can be a hassle, so contact a professional air conditioning service provider for assistance. 


If you have done all you can and still need to fix your air conditioner that is not cooling, contact Barker Heating & Cooling for air conditioning services. We are one of the best air conditioning contractors in Liberty

Our AC repair technician is a certified professional with a complete checklist to guide and test each step to ensure every part of your project is done right. Get the most out of your system and follow the maintenance tips that will keep it going for years. Contact us today to book our superior service.