If your heater stops working in the middle of winter, the first instinct would be to contact a specialist. However, before you call professionals, you can try a few basic steps to see if you can solve the problem on your own. It might help you identify and resolve the issue more quickly without incurring the cost of calling a repair service.

Some Helpful Troubleshooting Tips For Resolving Heater Issues

  • Check Your Thermostat Settings: The first thing you should do is check the thermostat settings in your home. Verify that your thermostat is still in heating mode. If the thermostat settings are correct, the next step is to ensure that the desired temperature is higher than the ambient temperature in your home.

    Make sure the battery in your thermostat isn’t weak. If that’s the case, make the necessary replacements. If it’s powered by electricity, check the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. You can accomplish this by simply flipping the switch on and off. 

  • Check Circuit Breaker: If the power to the system is disconnected, your heater will stop heating, so check the circuit breaker for indications of a tripped circuit. If your breaker has tripped, turn off your heating system. Reset the breaker and then switch on the heating system. If the breaker trips again, you will require a heating system repair as soon as possible.

  • Inspect Clogged Air Filter: A clogged filter is one of the most prevalent causes of a heater not working. A clogged air filter restricts airflow throughout the heater significantly. As a result, the heater will be unable to circulate sufficient heat throughout your home.

    It will continue to operate to maintain the set temperature. To avoid such problems, replace the air filters every three months. Change the air filters more frequently if you have pets or live in a dusty location.

  • Check The power switch: Sometimes a heater will not turn on because it has been turned off. Whether you have an electric or gas heating system, a power switch must be in the on position for the heater to function correctly. Locate the power switch on the heater.

    It will frequently resemble a standard light switch and may or may not be labeled. Reset the power switch to the on position and wait for the unit to restart. Some heaters can take several minutes to resume operation.

  • Examine Their Intake Vent: If the air intake vent is clogged, proper ventilation will not be able to enter your heater, causing it to malfunction. Check to see if your vents are open and that no carpets or furniture are blocking them. Even long curtains can restrict airflow or redirect it in undesirable directions.

    The best way to keep your heater functioning is to have it inspected by a professional. A licensed expert can save you time, trouble, and money by performing annual heating maintenance in Gladstone.

To Conclude

If your heating system is still not working after performing these troubleshooting steps or if you are looking for reliable heat pump installation in Libertycontact Barker Heating and Cooling for help. Our team of experienced professional HVAC experts is ready to identify and address the problem with your heater and get your system back up and running.