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Ionizing Air Purifier Services In Claycomo, Pleasant Valley, Gladstone, Liberty, Randolph, Riverbend, Riverside, Birmingham, Blue Springs, Sugar Creek, Independence, Missouri, MO and Surrounding Areas You’ll find iWave’s advanced technology provides the most effective air purification method.  Other common air purification technologies require ongoing maintenance with bulb/cell replacement every year or two, making the cost of ownership undesirable. iWave air purifiers have no harmful byproducts, and most models require no ongoing maintenance and have no replacement parts.  In fact, with the iWave-R’s patent-pending self-cleaning design, you can enjoy years of maintenance-free performance. Nu-Calgon offers a three-year limited warranty on iWave products.  For a valid warranty claim within three years, proof of purchase and proof of installation by a licensed HVAC or electrical contractor must be provided.  See the full warranty for complete details. You can always learn more here: The I-Wave Advantage iWave®-V Residential Air Cleaner • Low maintenance air purifier • For systems up to 6 tons (2400 CFM) • Universal mounting with integrated magnets • Small compact design with no replacement parts • Voltage input 24VAC iWave®-R Residential Air Cleaner • Patent-pending self-cleaning design, no maintenance needed • For duct systems up to 6 tons (2400 CFM) • Universal voltage 24VAC to 240VAC • Universal mounting • Programmable cleaning cycle with integral alarm contact • No replacement parts needed Breathe cleaner, fresher air! With the technology installed in over 100,000 applications worldwide, iWave is a complete line of bi-polar, high-output ion generators designed specifically for treating air in air conditioning systems. As the air flows past the iWave, positive and negative ions actively purify the supply air, killing mold, bacteria, and viruses in the coil and living space. The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke, and static electricity, as well as controls odors (cooking, pet, VOCs) and other particles (no more sunbeams) in the air without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts. Easily installs between the air filter and cooling coil to treat the indoor coil; as an alternative, the iWave can be installed in the supply air. Call today to see if iWaveair purifiers are right for you! (816)-452-2665

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