Why Should You Hire an HVAC Professional?

Simple home repairs are generally less expensive than hiring an HVAC professional; however, many issues are more complex and challenging for the average individual, particularly when it comes to your house’s heating or air conditioning system. It’s always better to call an HVAC specialist if your HVAC system is making strange noises, running at a lower efficiency, or just isn’t working as well as it once did. 

Reasons To Hire A Pro Include:


Time is of the essence while working on a project around your home or workplace, especially one as necessary as an HVAC system. Nobody wants their family or clients to go without heat or air conditioning for longer than is necessary. 

Performing these repairs and installing oneself often proves to be significantly more time-consuming than hiring a professional. This is due to several factors. Heating and conditioning professionals have all the gear needed to finish the work quickly. Some tools may not be readily available at your local hardware shop. 

You may have to wait weeks to find a unique tool. You lose time going to the store to buy the tool. Furthermore, these experts have the necessary skills to diagnose and resolve problems quickly. They won’t spend an hour trying to diagnose the problem because they’ve probably seen it before. 


HVAC systems are incredibly sophisticated and complex pieces of equipment necessary for the comfort of your house or office. HVAC technicians have extensive training and experience in HVAC installation, repair, and replacement. Due to this training, they are uniquely qualified to address any difficulties relating to your system. 

Improper and ill-informed installs or repairs can lead to costly and time-consuming system repairs. These issues could have been easily avoided if the right person had been hired in the first place. Your HVAC system can withstand the harsh weather for years if it is in the hands of qualified emergency AC repair in Liberty


HVAC systems contain various potentially hazardous components that anyone who lacks professional technical knowledge and experience should not be handled. Gas and electricity are the most harmful components. 

The gases utilized in HVAC systems can be toxic in a home or office environment and should be handled with extreme caution. A competent HVAC expert such as emergency AC repairs in Liberty will come in handy when installing, repairing, or diagnosing faults with your system’s gas or electricity-related components. 

Save Money

Many things can go wrong if your equipment is handled by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. This necessitates costly and time-consuming repairs. When you do the job incorrectly, you’ll have to pay for the tools and equipment you used and for a heating and conditioning specialist such as air conditioning repair in Gladstone to come out and fix what you’ve done and any damage it may have caused. 

Every location is distinct, and only a qualified HVAC provider will be conversant with all local and state regulations. Contacting the city, county, and state officials is usually good if you require additional information. Barker Heating and Cooling will always be dependable when adhering to these rules. Call us at (816) 452-2665 or drop us a mail here to know more about air conditioning repair in Gladstone

How Does Installing an Air Conditioner Benefit Your Health?

The Benefits Of An Air Conditioning System on Your Health:


An EPA analysis of heat-related problems states that more than 9,000 Americans suffered from heat waves between 1979 and 2013, which does not even begin to convey the scope of the problem. Heat contributes to many more issues, but it is not the primary cause. As air conditioning contractors Liberty, keeping calm with an effective air conditioner is the most incredible way to avoid heat-related fatalities and illnesses. 

Improved Air Quality

ACs purify and circulate the air, removing contaminants and mold, especially useful for allergy and asthma sufferers. This is only true if your system is kept clean and regularly changed filters. 

Insects And Parasites: Less Prevalent

Insects are also kept out, and the filters are significantly more efficient than a screen in an open window. Insects can be bothersome, but they can also be dangerous to people who suffer from allergies. According to professionals like air conditioning contractors Liberty, one of the advantages of having a decent air conditioning system is keeping indoor pets flea and tick-free. 

Increased Productivity Of The Workforce

We’ve all felt the mental drowsiness of a scorching day. This is backed up by scientific evidence. The energy expended by the body to cool itself down depletes our ability to think and reason. People can work more efficiently and make better decisions in air-conditioned workspaces when the Gladstone air conditioning company has appropriately maintained them. 

Cooler Tempers

Our bodies speed up while our minds slow down, rising heart rates and blood pressure. This leads to more aggressive behavior; thus, keeping a cool climate at home, at work, and in public areas is essential for sustaining peace. 

Easier Sleep

Higher heart rates and blood pressure make us upset, but they also make getting a decent night’s sleep nearly hard. The inner body temperature is also essential for falling asleep and staying asleep. An too hot environment disrupts natural temperature control, which physicians say works best at 65 to 75 degrees. 

Reduce High Humidity

The most important health benefit of air conditioning is reducing indoor humidity. Living in a low-humidity atmosphere keeps you healthy while also reducing the amount of moisture in the air. Even though there are other ways to stay cool, the most effective strategy to manage high humidity is to have an air conditioning system. 

Reduce Asthma Attacks

Air conditioning lessens the likelihood of asthma attacks, one of its health benefits. Using the same air filter, you’re cycling dirt back into your home through your air conditioner. A clogged air filter might cause your air conditioner to freeze or spew warm air. 

Cleaning air conditioners regularly is the most excellent approach to reducing the risks linked with their use. Call Barker Heating and Cooling at (816) 452-2665 or leave us a mail here for Gladstone air conditioning company

Is it True That Air Conditioners Intake Outside Air?

It does seem delightful the first time you turn on the air conditioner in the heat. Especially if you’ve been without it for an extended period, when switching on your window-mounted unit, you may be concerned about wildfire smoke and ambient pollution such as car emissions. Should we, however, be concerned about this? 

Do air conditioners bring outside air into your home? Many individuals believe that air conditioners bring fresh air inside from outside the house. When there are high pollen days or many contaminants in the air, this generates anxiety for certain people. 

Is Your Air Conditioner Bringing In The Fresh Air?

Air conditioners are never intended to bring outside air into the house. They are classified as a sealed system because they will only operate on the air within the environment of the building in which they are installed. Professionals like AC replacement in Gladstone say that as the vent emits warmer air outside, it’s simple to believe that the system brings air in from the outside. 

AC replacement professionals in Gladstone say that air conditioners don’t bring fresh air in from outside. Your air conditioner employs a fan to suck air into the machine and spread it throughout a structure. As a result, recycled air is produced. Before entering a building, the air is drawn in and passed through coils. 

The air coming in from outside is full of possibly dangerous substances in terms of freshness. These substances might trigger allergies and asthma symptoms. However, air passes through an air filter before entering a home. Pollutants are trapped by air filters, making the air healthier to breathe. It may not be easy to believe, but this is the only communication between the two units. 

What is the quality of the air inside? That’s solely inside air, and it’s not interacting with any outside air. Only a fan draws air into your outdoor unit, removing the existing heat from the refrigerant and allowing it to cool before being recycled. This air goes through the unit outside. It doesn’t last long. The heat is dragged out and permitted to continue on its merry way. 

How About A Window Air Conditioner?

During periods of significant smoke pollution, you may realize that the filters of your window-mounted air conditioner have grown dirty. Thankfully it’s not because the unit is sucking in the smoky air. Instead, pollution has entered your home through open doors, windows, or minor holes surrounding the unit. 

When the unit cools the air within the house, the pollution causes the filters to become dirty. The filters capture pollution to keep the machine from becoming clogged with particles in the air and clean the recirculated air. It’s pointless to move dust-laden air about as it will require AC replacement Gladstone sooner than expected. 

How About A Split Air Conditioner?

Split air conditioners are the most widely utilized form of air conditioner worldwide. One inside unit and one outside unit make up a split air conditioner. Experts like AC replacement Liberty MO say that multiple indoor units are coupled to one exterior unit in certain split air conditioners. The majority of split air conditioners do not use outside air. Ceiling cassette and ceiling ducted split air conditioners, on the other hand, have the option of connecting a fresh air duct to take air from outside. 

Ceiling Cassette Type:

Commercial buildings use ceiling cassette split ACs. They have a detachable plate for fresh air intake. You can connect a new air duct to bring air in from the outside or leave it alone. 

Ducted Ceiling Type:

These take air from outside via a fresh air duct. Luxury residences frequently have ceiling ducted split air conditioners. Experts like AC replacement Liberty MO say they are concealed above the ceiling and distribute air through ductwork. 

How About A Portable Air Conditioner?

  • Portable air conditioners must be connected to an exhaust hose to work correctly.
  • Portable air conditioners with a single hose cannot draw in fresh air from the outside.
  • Dual-hose portable air conditioners, on the other hand, can bring in fresh air while releasing hot air through the other hose.
  • Portable air conditioners often have only one pipe for releasing hot air.
  • Some portable air conditioners now come with two hoses, one of which is used to draw air from the outside.

What Is The Source Of The Air, Then?

  • AC replacement professionals in Gladstone say that if you look closely at your air conditioning unit, you’ll notice that it has an inside and an outside component connected by copper cables. These copper wires are loaded with either liquid or gaseous refrigerant.
  • An AC returns air inlet is situated on the ceiling of the indoor area of your unit. The air travels through the unit’s filter before speeding over the super-cooled coils inside. The heat is transferred into the coils before filtered air is sent back into your home. 
  • Using a particle meter, you may confirm this by measuring the dust particles in your ambient room air vs. the air coming out of your AC unit. The outdoor unit draws air in with a fan, removing the refrigerant’s heat and cooling it before recycling.

The Advantages Of Recirculated Air

While it may not appear to be all that remarkable, the fact that your home divides the outdoor and inside air is highly beneficial for various reasons. 

  • Consider this: If your home was constantly drawing in air from outside, pollen, dust, mold, mildew, and who knows what else would be running rampant within your walls!

  • It might also be beneficial because it allows you to focus on specific difficulties. A qualified AC replacement expert in Liberty, MO, can also assist you with this issue and clean up the air quality in your home so that your air conditioning unit does not distribute dust and dangerous allergens in all directions.
  • While thinking of fresh air coming in through the windows may seem more effective, it’s much better the way it is. On a sunny day, though, it doesn’t hurt to open those windows and breathe in the fresh air from the great outdoors!

Many standards and regulations mandate houses and buildings to draw in a particular amount of fresh air through air conditioners for a healthy indoor atmosphere. Barker Heating and Cooling’s professional and fully insured specialists repair and maintain all cooling and heating devices. Please get in touch with us at (816) 452-2665 or drop us a mail to know more about AC replacement in Liberty, MO

How Efficient is Your AC?

One of the sought-after features for any customer or owner is its energy efficiency when it comes to air conditioning systems. Energy-efficiency rating help owners understand the power consumption of their appliance and how much it would save them on their monthly bills. With air conditioning usage set to rise in summer, you will most likely benefit from a highly efficient air conditioning system despite its higher cost. 

Types of Energy-Efficiency Ratings

Two ratings state the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems: SEER and EER ratings. 

SEER Ratings

SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating is a common rating system found in air conditioning systems worldwide. The SEER rating is mentioned on an appliance’s visible panel within the energy guide tag. 

A SEER rating between 13 and 21 is considered good for any air conditioning system. SEER ratings also vary with location and climatic conditions; therefore, you must consult an experienced HVAC company in your neighborhood for a thorough understanding of your next ac installation in Liberty

The formula for calculating SEER: SEER= Cooling output during summer / Energy sed in summer 

EER Ratings

On the other hand, EER ratings stand for Energy Efficiency Ratio and are one of the oldest rating systems. It works by calculating the constant outdoor and indoor temperatures. An EER rating of 8.5 and above is considered good for any air condition system. The ENERGY STAR also determines energy efficiency. Higher the number of stars, the better efficiency of the appliance. 

The formula for calculating EER: EER= Capacity in BTU/h(British Thermal Unit per hour / Power (in watts) 

When buying a new air conditioning system, experts suggest considering the EER rating of the appliance instead of SEER. EER is a rating specific to the machine and is the standard measurement for calculating the energy efficiency of any appliance. 

On the other hand, you may look at the SEER ratings of appliances to shortlist ones that suit the conditions of your location. After that, looking at the EER ratings of the shortlisted models will help you pick the best, most efficient air conditioning system for your household. 

Types Of Air Conditioning Units

Efficiency ratings do not solely determine your air conditioning system’s efficiency. The air conditioning system’s kind of unit also influences your energy bills. These units largely depend on your air conditioning needs and requirements. Since your next air conditioning system is likely to stay with you for the next decade or two, we recommend you have thorough knowledge about your air conditioning system before you sign up for an ac installation liberty

Split System Air Conditioning Units

Split system air conditioning units are common in similar households and workplaces, and they come in two units, an indoor and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit houses the compressor and other essential parts of the air conditioning system. It requires professional installation, which takes considerable time, effort, and skill. 

On the other hand, the indoor unit houses the air filters and handler that channel the cool air from the outdoor unit into your rooms. The unit also contains a dehumidifier that works throughout the AC’s operation to remove the excess moisture from the rooms. 

  • Central air conditioners are one of the most reliable air conditioning systems. It requires a functioning network of ducts to provide cooling in each room.
  • Mini-split ductless air conditioners are relatively modern air conditioning systems known for their ease of installation and lower maintenance costs.
  • Wall-mounted or floor-mounted split air conditioners are usually built for higher cooling requirements in large households or workspaces.

Stand-Alone Air Conditioning Units

Stand-alone air conditioners have all their components in a single unit. These are known for their affordability and ease of installation. However, they offer lesser features and capacity and have a noisy operation.

  • Window air conditioners: do not require any drilling or crevices for installations. It can be kept on your window with proper insulation for optimal performance.
  • Floor-mounted air conditioners: Are becoming obsolete as they take up a lot of space in the installed room.
  • Portable air conditioners are the go-to HVACs for many owners because of their ease of installation, movability, and affordability. 

Choosing The Right Air Conditioning System For Your Home

Optimum air conditioning that is also efficient throughout the season is something every owner wants for their household. Whether it is a ductless or a central air conditioning system that suits your needs, you can keep the energy bills in check if you are aware of certain aspects of your new air conditioning installation. 

The Cooling Capacity Of The Unit

The capacity of the air conditioning unit is one of its chief determinants. A lower capacity unit will take longer and consume more energy to cool a room. In contrast, a higher capacity unit will cost you more upfront and will likely face issues such as short cycling post-installation. 

Room Or Household's Square Footage

Determining the precise cooling requirements of the household will help you choose the right-sized air conditioning system. Professional HVAC companies can help you pick the right sized air conditioning units by narrowing down the list of air conditioning units their type and capacity that closely fits your requirements. 

Changing Cooling Requirements Of The Room

The cooling requirements of the room or household can change with a couple of factors. On a cloudy day, or if the room receives ample shade, you may run your AC at a lower capacity and vice versa. You may also increase your AC’s cooling if more occupants are in the space. 

How You Can Improve Your Appliance's Energy Efficiency

Keeping your air conditioning unit’s performance shouldn’t have to be difficult if you are familiar with things proven to keep an appliance’s performance efficient. 

  1. Clean or replace air filters regularly
  2. Ensure proper insulation or refurbish insulation if needed
  3. Stop using appliances that emit a lot of hearing during their operation
  4. Schedule routine maintenance services

With over 30 years of experience, Barker Heating and Cooling is one of the most reliable and professional HVAC companies in St. Claycomo, MO, for AC repair in Liberty. To experience quality services or get free estimates on your next visit, visit our website today!

Don’t Ignore These Four Furnace Noises

You may not notice a problem with your heating system when it breaks down. There could be a case where the furnace was working well during the day but suddenly won’t turn on at night. Even though this is unusual, it can happen if you have ignored the strange noises your furnace has been making for quite some time.

A strange noise is accompanied by some unusual behavior from your heater, which eventually causes it to fail. It is not good to ignore strange noises as this can indicate serious problems. The quickest way to prevent big problems is to contact a professional in Liberty for heating service.

You Can’t Ignore These Four Furnace Noises

There is no reason for your furnace to make strange noises. Some sounds might be harmless if left unattended, but others indicate a problem that may require a complete furnace replacement. It’s not a good idea to ignore these four noises when it comes to your heating or cooling system. The following are some of the sounds made by a furnace that you should never ignore.

1. Booming

Booming is like a small explosion that occurs in your furnace heat exchanger. A delayed ignition causes this. In some cases, this may be caused by a dirty burner or by a large amount of gas rushing through the combustion area before the ignition can set it ablaze.

Due to the difficulty in lighting the burners, gas builds up while waiting to light. A tiny explosion occurs once the burners are lit, causing the heat exchanger to shake and break. A fractured heat exchanger may lead to hazardous, poisonous carbon monoxide leaks. Therefore you should never disregard this possible safety concern. Always contact a professional for heating repair in Liberty to fix the problem immediately.

2. Clicking

You are probably familiar with some of the noises made by furnaces, one of which is a clicking sound. Normally, such noises are not repeated, but if you hear a clicking noise repeatedly, that might indicate a faulty flame sensor or a problem with the ignition.

3. Squealing

Most of the time, this noise is caused by a rubber belt falling apart. Ensure the fan motor is functioning properly and get the belt replaced by a professional. There is a possibility that squeals and screeches occur because metal bearings and other surfaces aren’t well lubricated. Keep your system tuned up every fall to prevent this from happening.

4. Rattling

We often hear a rattling sound when something loose gets into the furnace. In the case of a furnace, pointing out what has gone loose is an urgent matter that a professional technician can only handle. It is important not to ignore such sounds since a small rattling sound can quickly become a bigger issue. This may eventually lead to a breakdown of the furnace.

If you hear any of these sounds after turning on your heating system, contact an experienced HVAC specialist for a professional diagnostic. Barker Heating and Cooling know to meet all of your comfort needs as a leading furnace installation and repair provider in Liberty. If you would like to learn more about our service or book an estimate, please call us at (816) 452-2665 or contact us online.