Summer is approaching, and it is hard to imagine a day without your AC. If you have noticed problems with your AC system recently, you’re not alone. Your AC system can develop several problems for various reasons, and AC troubleshooting can be daunting for homeowners or business owners. Don’t worry; Barker Heating and Cooling is here to help! As Liberty’s most trusted AC installation and replacement company, we will discuss the probable causes of AC troubleshooting in this blog.

Lack of Maintenance

Homeowners or business owners often overlook maintenance tasks due to busy schedules or forgetfulness, resulting in problems with the AC system’s performance. For instance, if you forget to replace the air filter regularly, it can increase allergens and contaminants in the air, reducing the AC unit’s efficiency.

Dirty Condenser Unit

Your AC system’s outdoor or condenser unit is vulnerable to dust, dirt, and debris. These impurities restrict the airflow to the system, causing overheating and reducing the unit’s efficiency. Therefore, cleaning the condenser unit regularly and maintaining the space around it is best.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leakage is an expensive and harmful problem for your AC system. The refrigerant plays an essential role in cooling the air, and a low refrigerant level can cause the AC system to blow warm air. Also, refrigerant leakage can cause air pollutants and damage to the environment. If you notice a refrigerant leak, it’s essential to contact a professional for repair and refill. We can fix refrigerant leaks at Barker Heating and Cooling and ensure your AC works correctly.

Thermostat Malfunction

A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause your AC to act up. The thermostat controls the temperature in your home or office, and if it is not working correctly, it can cause your AC to cycle on and off or not work at all. We at Barker Heating and Cooling can help you replace your faulty thermostat with a new one, ensuring your AC unit works optimally.

Electrical Failure

The AC system operates through electrical connections, including wires, motors, capacitors, and other components. A faulty electrical connection can result in several problems, such as a faulty AC system. Therefore, hiring a professional to install, repair, and maintain the AC unit is crucial.

Aging AC Unit

An aging AC unit can lead to inefficiencies, costly repairs, or a complete breakdown. If your AC unit is over ten years old and requires frequent repairs to maintain functionality, it may be time for AC replacement. Barker Heating and Cooling offers unparalleled service in AC replacement in Liberty MO, appropriate for your AC unit’s brand and model.

Various factors can lead to problems with your AC system. Regular maintenance and service, such as cleaning the unit, and replacing the air filter and electrical connections, can help prevent several problems. However, if your AC system requires repair or replacement, hire a professional and experienced technician for the job.

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