As we approach summer, temperatures rise, and air conditioning units become crucial to our comfort. Nothing can be more frustrating than having an AC unit break down on the year’s hottest day. One of the most common causes of AC failure is compressor damage. In this blog post, we will discuss the causes of AC compressor damage and how to prevent it.

Causes of AC Compressor Damage

  • Lack of Maintenance

Neglecting your AC unit is the leading cause of compressor damage. Regular maintenance, including cleaning, lubrication, and leakage checks, can help prevent AC repairs in Gladstone, Liberty, MO. Failure to conduct routine maintenance can cause debris to clog the condenser coil, resulting in the compressor overworking to compensate for the reduced airflow. This overworking will eventually damage the system.

  • Dirty Coils

Dirty condenser coils can restrict airflow and affect heat exchange. This can cause the AC compressor to overheat and eventually fail completely. Regular cleaning of the coils is essential to maintain your AC unit.

  • Refrigerant Issues

Refrigerant is essential to your AC system’s proper functioning since it transfers heat from your home. Low refrigerant levels can cause excessive pressure buildup, leading to compressor damage. Only a qualified technician should repair and refill your refrigerant levels.

  • Electrical Issues

Electrical issues such as shorts, frayed wires, and voltage problems can cause severe damage to the compressor. Regular electrical checks carried out by our professional can help detect and prevent electrical issues that could cause compressor damage.

  • Overuse

Running an AC system constantly, especially during extreme temperatures, can cause the compressor to wear out faster.

  • Age 

Like any mechanical component, the compressor will eventually wear out over time. If the AC system is over 10-15 years old, it may be more prone to compressor failure.

  • Improper installation

A poorly installed AC system can cause the compressor to fail prematurely. Hiring our qualified HVAC technician to install the system and ensure all components are installed and working correctly is important. Always choose a professional and experienced HVAC contractor like Barker Heating and Cooling.

How to Prevent AC Compressor Damage

Preventing AC compressor damage is relatively affordable and straightforward. Regular, professional maintenance and filter changes can prolong your unit’s life. Additionally, avoiding drastic temperature changes can also help minimize the compressor’s workload and prevent potential damage.

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Your AC system should run reliably and efficiently throughout the summer season. Prevent compressor damage with our professional services. Contact Barker Heating and Cooling to schedule routine maintenance and enjoy an uninterrupted cool air flow all summer. We offer AC repair in Gladstone, Liberty, MO if you happen to reside in the area and require services.


In conclusion, caring for your AC unit is crucial to prevent costly repairs and compressor damage. The most effective way is to seek professional services for routine maintenance. Barker Heating and Cooling can help you protect and maintain your AC unit’s health throughout the summer season. Contact us for quality, reliable, affordable AC services in Gladstone and Liberty.