HVAC appliances like air conditioners and furnaces can trouble the owners at any given time. Appliances face various common and frequent problems like overheating, short-cycling, wiring issues, and efficiency declines while they work during the season. Owners need to worry in such situations and should contact a trustworthy company for help.

Barker Heating and Cooling is the leading company in Liberty and surrounding areas. We have helped thousands of families with various services like furnace replacement and AC installation service in Liberty. Reach out to us for the best quality services at affordable prices.

Air Conditioning Contractors in Liberty

Air conditioners work extensively during the summer season, inviting frequent wear and tear problems like dirty air filters and clogged drain lines. Barker Heating and Cooling will help you understand how to maintain your air conditioner without professional help to save money. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your system for possible problems and fix them before they grow in complexity.

AC Installation in Liberty

Installing a new air conditioner is a job for professionals. No amateur technician or company can complete it with perfection. Our 25 years of experience allows us to install your new air conditioner with accurate measurements and attention to detail. Rest assured, your new system will be ready for use within a few hours, thanks to our professional installers and their latest gadgets.

AC Replacement Services in Liberty, MO

Replacing your current air conditioner means dismantling and disposing of it such that it does not harm the environment and installing your new air conditioner with accuracy. Since it involves handling not one but two systems, you need a professional for this job. Barker Heating and Cooling shall remove your old system in an environmentally-friendly way and prepare the new one for use.

AC Repair Services in Liberty

No one likes a broken or malfunctioning air conditioner. You need to contact an HVAC company that rushes to your help as soon as your air conditioner needs a repair, and Barker Heating and Cooling is the one who does this. We understand the troubles of a broken air conditioner and will repair it for you at the earliest to resume your comfort.

Emergency AC Repair in Liberty

Your air conditioner can stop functioning in the middle of the night or noon, which means you can face discomfort at any time. You need not worry in such cases and contact Barker Heating and Cooling for help. Our emergency team will hear your request and rush to fix your system with all the required equipment.

Ductless AC Replacement in Liberty

Ductless air conditioners are different from other air conditioners as they do not need a ductwork network. The absence of a ductwork network increases the complexity of the air conditioner system, which means that only an experienced technician can replace it when it gets old. Barker Heating and Cooling have replaced hundreds of ductless air conditioners, giving us the necessary experience to help you.

Ductless Services in Liberty

Servicing ductless appliances requires different equipment and hands-on knowledge. An amateur cannot handle the complexity of your costly ductless system. You can trust Barker Heating and Cooling to service your ductless system with customized solutions and affordable charges. Our technicians will ensure your ductless system has an enhanced lifespan and better working efficiency.

Heat Pump Installation in Liberty

Heat pumps are one of the most suitable HVAC appliances to use the whole year. A heat pump can act as an air conditioner and as a furnace, due to which various families install one heat pump instead of two appliances. Barker Heating and Cooling will help you find the right heat pump for your home and install it at the required location for easy access.

Heating Installation Services in Liberty

Heating HVAC appliances like furnaces and boilers are a must in the winter season. You can trust the professional installers of Barker Heating and Cooling to help you purchase the right heating appliance through accurate measurements and calculations and install it at competitive quotes.


Heating Repair in Liberty

A malfunctioning heater or boiler is a nightmare for the owner. Barker Heating and Cooling shall turn it into a pleasant experience with the help of quick and timely heating repair services. Our customer care desk will ask about your problem and dispatch a team to your place to repair your appliance. All you have to do is sit back and relax while our technicians use our skills for your comfort.

Liberty Heating Services

Families residing in Liberty and surrounding areas trust Barker Heating and Cooling because of our work quality and dedication. We work hard to ensure that our customers and clients are happy with the working conditions of their systems.

Furnace Repair Services in Liberty

Furnaces are of different types, namely oil, gas, and electrical. Different types need different equipment when broken down. Barker Heating and Cooling technicians know all the details about all types of furnaces, so you can trust us to repair your furnace with perfection.

Furnace Installation in Liberty

One cannot install two different furnaces the same way, and our technicians know this very well. Irrespective of the type of furnace, our team will install it flawlessly after inspecting the installation place for details and accuracy. Our competitive rates and high-quality work shall help you choose us for your work.

Furnace Replacement Services in Liberty

The basic difference between an amateur company and a professional company is the appropriate documents and certificates that allow them to work on your system. A company that does not possess them is not trustworthy, and Barker Heating and Cooling ensures to eliminate all reasons that induce doubt in our customer’s minds.

Why Barker Heating and Cooling for HVAC Services?

  • Gadgets

We use the latest gadgets and machinery per your system’s requirements to ensure that they are compatible and quickly remove the issue.

  • Affordable

To maintain our place in the competitive market, we have kept our prices reasonable for our customers to contact us without hesitation.

  • Experience

We have more than two decades of experience, which has helped us know details that not every company does.

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