Your AC is also prone to wear and tear like every other machine. It needs motor lubrication, leak repairs, and other complications covered in your routine AC maintenance. However, a damaged compressor is the biggest issue that is difficult to fix.

Hence, AC replacement may become necessary. Replacing the complete unit after the compressor breakdown may be the best option. Contact Barker Heating & Cooling for expert AC replacement in Liberty, MO.

Signs Of A Compressor Problem

Before you think of compressor repair or replacement, you have to know if the problem lies with the compressor or not. So, pay attention to the given signs that indicate compressor failure. 

  • Lack Of Cooling: If your compressor fails, it won’t compress the air passing over the evaporator coil, and you won’t receive cool air throughout your home. A refrigerant leak can also be the reason, but the possibility of a failed compressor is more.

  • Unusual Noises: Hissing and humming sounds from your outside unit indicate a refrigerant leak which causes compressor issues. If you hear any other rattling sound from it, there might be a broken compressor component.

  • AC Does Not Turn On: While your compressor is producing loud noises and not turning on, your AC will also struggle to start up. 

Why Is Compressor Replacement A Better Option?

The compressor is the most expensive part of your AC unit, and if it breaks down, there is no chance of repair. So, the only remaining option is compressor replacement. Here, compressor replacement can be seen in the following three ways: 

  • Replacing only compressor 
  • Replacing the complete outside unit
  • Replacing the entire AC unit

If your AC is relatively new and you have the manufacturer’s warranty, you can get your compressor replaced under the warranty cover at no cost. Since new AC units have warranties that last about ten years, replacing only the compressor can be pocket-friendly and more feasible. 

However, if your AC is more than ten years old, it has no warranty coverage, and you have to consider replacing the entire AC unit. A full upgrade is a bit expensive but more efficient as it solves the issue simultaneously, and the frequent repairs have been reduced. 

It is important to consider the age of the system. As per experts, replacing the entire unit is a better option here. Lastly, consider the age again if you think about replacing the outdoor unit. Also, there are high chances of a mismatch of the system components that could affect the efficiency of your AC and give rise to breakdowns.

The Bottom Line

Give the experts at Barker Heating & Cooling a call at (816) 452-2665 or email us with any concerns about your AC. With more than 25 years of experience in Gladstone, AC service has become our area of expertise.