With constant use, we may update our HVAC settings regularly.  Hence, you must pick the reset option and return the default settings if you feel your thermostat is not functioning correctly. It is the most common solution that experts suggest to bring back its efficiency. Contact Barker Heating & Cooling for expert heating repair or furnace repair in Liberty, MO.

Guide To Resetting Thermostats

Before resetting a thermostat, know that all thermostats are not the same, and there is a specific manufacturer’s manual for instructions. You won’t want to ruin your heating unit by flipping the wrong switch. Follow the given instructions for each specific kind of thermostat. 

  • Programmable Thermostat: These advanced battery-operated devices can be reset by simply removing or flipping the battery. Start by switching it off and open the battery compartment from the back. Take the batteries out and change the placement back so that the negative and positive terminals are in contact.

    Keep this position for five seconds, then change the direction back to the original. If the display turns on again, your thermostat has been successfully reset. Now, turn your heater on to analyze its performance.

  • Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat: It is the simplest and quickest thermostat to reset and takes no more than a minute. You can do it in two ways, either you remove the outer cover of the unit and press the given reset button for five seconds. The device will immediately reset. The other way, you can again remove the batteries for five seconds and then put them back. The reset is complete.

  • Mechanical Thermostat: If you turn your thermostat on and off manually, it is a mechanical one. It is a non-battery-operated device that requires a constant electricity supply to function. So, before resetting it, ensure the thermostat and power supply are turned off. Start by removing the cover and checking if the connections are securely in place. Wait for a minimum of 30 seconds, and then turn the circuit breaker back on. Finally, switch on the thermostat and check if it runs smoothly. 

  • Low Voltage Electronic Thermostat: This thermostat does not run on a battery but a directly wired connection. It also lacks a digital display, so you must manually set the thermostat. First, remove the device cover and use a soft brush to clean away all the dirt and debris. Initially, set the thermostat to the lowest cooling and clean the components again.

    Now, reset it to the highest heating level and clean the coils again. Lastly, reset the thermostat settings to your desired temperature, and it is done. If you have reset your thermostat using the steps given above, run your HVAC system for a few hours. If you hear no unusual sounds, no smell, or other issues, the reset was successful. However, call a professional if anything feels wrong.

To Wrap Up

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