Several people rely on air conditioning systems to make themselves comfortable during summer. Some focus on buying new air conditioners, tuning the system, and participating in air conditioner maintenance, while others deal with air conditioner repairs and system issues. 

There are various problems relating to air conditioners, but the most common one is that the air conditioner is running but not cooling effectively. Contact our Gladstone air conditioning company for any AC-related issues, and we will guide you.

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Not Giving Cool Air?

There are many reasons why the air conditioner is working, but the house is not cooling. Problems can be with the thermostats, filters, or other essential system components. 

Although you can always call your AC service provider to diagnose and fix the problem, there are some troubleshooting tips you can try first. 


  • Examine The Air Filter: It may surprise you, but a dirty air filter can affect your cooling system. However, we recommend you check it regularly for contamination and replace it if necessary.

  • Check The Thermostat: If your HVAC is working but not cooling, the first step is to check your thermostat. First, you need to ensure that the unit is set to cool. If this happens, check your temperature settings to see if someone has adjusted them.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coil: The evaporator coil is part of the interior of the central air conditioning system. Below are the signs of a frozen evaporator coil:
  1. Frost buildup onto the copper refrigerant tubing.  

  2. Insufficient ventilation.

  3. Increased energy costs. 

  4. Condensate flow near your internal unit is excessive.

  5. Ice formation on the external refrigerant tubing or the exterior unit.


  • Leaking Refrigerant: Refrigerant is required for the air conditioner to function properly. It is the chemical that flows through both indoor and outdoor systems. The main purpose of refrigerants is to remove heat and moisture from indoor air before it is released outside.

    It is important to note that if the refrigerant is leaking, you should focus on fixing it rather than adding more refrigerant. Fixing a refrigerant leak problem is an air conditioner repair that a trained HVAC technician should perform. 

  • Leaky Ducts: HVAC ducts are used to move conditioned air throughout your home so that any leaks can create kinks. There are many AC ducts in the attic.

    Some of this warm air can enter the ducts and increase the temperature in the room. Repairing leaky ducts can be a hassle, so contact a professional air conditioning service provider for assistance. 


If you have done all you can and still need to fix your air conditioner that is not cooling, contact Barker Heating & Cooling for air conditioning services. We are one of the best air conditioning contractors in Liberty

Our AC repair technician is a certified professional with a complete checklist to guide and test each step to ensure every part of your project is done right. Get the most out of your system and follow the maintenance tips that will keep it going for years. Contact us today to book our superior service.