In summer, an air conditioning system is essential in every home and business. Air conditioning helps people sleep more peacefully and provides additional comfort and convenience to create a more healthy working environment. 

Air conditioners often don’t blow cool air into your home or workplace. Luckily, there are several reasons your air conditioner isn’t blowing cool air. They range from power problems to clogged filters and dirty compressors. 

Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling

Some problems are easy and quick to solve, while others require professional help. For AC repair in Liberty, you can call our skilled experts to guide you through the repair process. So let’s look at the list of things you can do to get the cold air back in. 

  • Clogged AC Filters: Filters help trap air particles that pass through ducts before they can seriously damage your air conditioner. If the filter is not replaced for a longer time, it can become clogged and restrict airflow. Dirty AC filters block the passage of cold and warm air through the ducts.

    Also, the evaporator coil can freeze, blocking the passage of cool air through the outlet. When this happens, the evaporator coils can prevent the air from cooling. Generally, one should change the air filter at least once a month. 

  • Clogged Condensate Drain Lines: Air conditioners work to absorb heat and moisture from the air inside your home. This moisture condenses on the evaporator coil. The water drips into the catch pan and is sucked out of the house through the condensate line. Check where the air conditioner drain line is.

    If you see dirt, mildew, leaves, hair, or algae on these lines, remove them and clean them. Use household detergents for cleaning. Once the drainage system is working properly again, the water will be able to drain out of the AC unit, the compressor will work properly, and the air conditioner will be blowing cool air again. 

  • Refrigerant Leak: Refrigerant leaks are also one of the causes of air conditioners not delivering cool air. The issue is now widespread among most of the residents. If the problem persists, you will be alerted to change the refrigerant to keep enjoying the cool air.

    It is usually better to call the technician and get it repaired. The problem of refrigerant leak can be recognized by the following symptoms, including the hissing or bubbling sound and the icing on the outdoor unit. Once identified, contact an expert to resolve this issue. 

  • Dirty Evaporator: The evaporator is an important part of the air conditioning system. It will keep your device working properly and your home cold. Suppose the evaporator coil is not cleaned over time. In that case, it becomes dirty, which further affects the air conditioner’s overall performance and makes it difficult to expel warm air.

    It is recommended to schedule an appointment and get evaporator coils cleaned by an experienced technician. You should wash it regularly to retain its functionality. Cleaning can be done at intervals of 6 months to 1 year, depending on the situation. 

  • Thermostat Issue: Thermostats are often the problem behind uncooperative central air conditioners. It may not turn on if the thermostat threshold is set too high. For example, if the air temperature is 24°C and the air conditioner temperature setting is 28°C. Also, if you set it to auto instead of on, it may not cool.

    The first step is to verify that the thermostat setting has not been changed. Make sure the device is adjusted to automatic or cool. In some cases, the thermostat may be set to heat instead of cooling, causing problems. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to check it regularly to ensure it works properly. 

How To Troubleshoot Your AC If Not Cooling Properly?

  • Make Sure The Thermostat Is Set Properly: Most of the time, it takes a lot of effort to fix an air conditioner that is not blowing cool air. Before calling a technician, ensure it’s set to cool down and that the room temperature is cool enough to turn the unit on. 

  • Proper Maintenance: Like any machine, central air conditioners require regular maintenance. You must replace filters frequently, and a professional must verify any other operational components.

    The standard recommendation is to have HVAC service done twice a year in spring and autumn. Technicians can inspect your HVAC system and make the necessary adjustments or repairs before the weather turns hot or cold.  

  • Clean Dirty Filters: A dirty air conditioner filter will make the unit stiffer and less effective. The result is higher utility bills and not getting the cool air you need. Make sure to wash the filters at least once a month. 

  • Check The Refrigerant: The air conditioning system does not need to be charged with a refrigerant like a vehicle. Recycle the liquid left in the coil. If the refrigerant is low, your unit probably had a gas leak. The safest solution is to call a professional HVAC contractor who will likely identify and repair the leak or replace the cracked coil. 

  • Checking The Ice Build-Up: Ice formation is another common problem that air conditioners sometimes encounter. In the long run, this leads to reduced cooling capacity. If this happens, turn off the unit, lift the cover and check for ice build-up. To use the air conditioner comfortably, we recommend having it maintained by an air conditioner specialist.

    This includes standard air conditioning repair, cleaning, and replacement to keep the unit in good working order. We recommend performing regular monthly checks for the best results and maintaining the overall longevity of the device. 


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