Many times, household owners face this issue with their gas furnaces where the system does not ignite. If the system does not ignite, it will not warm up the residence, and you might have spent the entire night shivering in the cold. There are many reasons why your furnace system is not igniting. 

The ignition process will start working again if you clean the burner and the surrounding area. You can even check whether the air filter is clogged or not. However, the problem arises when you hear the furnace system’s clicking noise, but there is no ignition process. If you are facing this issue, then do not worry. Professional furnace repair in Liberty, MO, will help you find a solution to your HVAC problem!

Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Clicking But Not Igniting

Your furnace is dependent on the ignition system. If the ignition system does not work appropriately, the furnace system will also deliver inefficient services. Here are some reasons why your ignition system is not operating: 

  • Malfunctioning Thermocouple: The thermocouple is a sensor responsible for opening and shutting the gas valves to gas burners. The thermocouple shuts the gas valves when it detects a flame. If there is an issue with the thermocouple functioning, it will not open the gas valves for the fuel to enter the combustion chamber.

    You will hear the clicking noise that the spark ignitor will make to start the combustion process, but there will be no fire because the gas valves are shut down.       

  • Pilot Light Issues: According to the Liberty heating repair, the pilot light helps keep the gas lines open. The heat from the fire sends a voltage through the thermocouple to keep the gas line open when the pilot light is on. When the pilot goes down, the gas lines shut down for a while.

    The pilot light doesn’t work when there is an incorrect mixture of gas and air. So, if the pilot light malfunctions, the thermocouple does not get the voltage to open the gas line for fuel to enter the chamber.

  • Gas Valve Issues: When the gas valve shuts down, it closes the path for gas to travel to the combustion chamber for ignition. The spark ignitor will click to start the ignition process, but there will be no ignition since there is no gas in the chamber.

    A gas valve shuts down for several reasons like faulty ignition board, improper valve, and issue in the connection between board and valve.

How To Resolve The Problem?

It is essential to call Liberty heating service to look after the issue because a professional can resolve the ignition system problem. It is better not to use any DIY hacks videos or tutorials you found on the internet without consulting an expert. Barker Heating and Cooling technicians are here to resolve all your furnace system issues with precision.

Calling the technician is your best bet for fixing the gas furnace system repairs. The technician knows how to deal with the issue because they have several years of experience handling it. Barker HVAC technicians will reignite your furnace back in no time. Call (816)-452-2665, for our furnace repair in Liberty, MO. We will arrive at the earliest to repair your furnace!