Installing a new heating system in your home can completely change its appearance and also make it a more comfortable place to live. Get in touch with Barker Heating and Cooling for heating installation in Liberty if you require professional assistance.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the process of heating installation, our experts have compiled a stepwise guide divided into stages to help you make better decisions.

Steps Of Installing A New Heating System

  • Design Of The New Heating System: Although it seems like a small and insignificant step, it is important to consider the design of the new heating system, as it must complement your home. Moreover, the heating system’s design can also help contribute to the temperature regulations and maintain an optimum temperature inside your home. It must also follow the rules and regulations set by the government.

  • Choosing The Equipment And Materials: The heating system comprises several components, such as pipes, valves, ducts, radiators, etc. After considering your requirements, it is necessary to select the material for each of these components. This can help you in the long run by preventing damage and excessive usage. Moreover, it can also help you control your heating system’s cost.

  • Setting Up Of The Boiler Room Equipment: The boiler room must be set up as per the latest fire safety norms issued by the government. It requires a higher power supply. Thus, the boiler room must be well connected to the electrical supply. This place must be easily accessible by authorized personnel for maintenance and checking purposes. 

  • Mounting Of The Tubes And Pipelines: Most homeowners prefer the heating system to be inconspicuous, which is hidden from the eyes of others. This is possible by mounting the tubes and planning the structure. Consider hiring us for heating service in Liberty that can guide you better.

  • Installation Of The Heating System : As you already discussed ahead, several components go inside the heating system. It is essential to ensure that all the components are fitted perfectly with each other, keeping no loose ends.
    The wires must be welded properly to ensure no spark when the system is turned on for use. Properly installing the heating system can help prevent damage in the long run and result in a highly efficient working system. Call our expert team for heating installation in Liberty for assistance.

  • Testing: Our experts do testing of the heating system after the installation of the system. This is a step which homeowners must never avoid. Experts are trained to identify mistakes, even if they are not visible to common people. Conducting testing before actually using the system can help identify problems at an early stage and resolve them faster.


With the help of our stepwise guide, you are now well aware of the stages of installing a new heating system. From design to testing, hiring an expert from Barker Heating And Cooling can help you gain better insights and suggestions that can help you save a lot of money.

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