If you wish to have a warm and comforting home, it is essential to check your furnace before the winter season arrives. Some basic issues affect furnaces as they age. You can proactively avoid the most typical furnace issues by being aware of them. For more serious problems that need professional assistance, contact Barker Heating and Cooling for furnace repair in Liberty, MO.

Here Are Six Common Issues That Occur With Furnaces

  • Clogs Inside The Ducts And Pipelines: Even though it is the most efficient way of cleaning ducts and pipelines, keeping all the dirt and dust out of your home is almost impossible. It often gets collected within the ducts and pipelines. Cleaning it before the winter can help prevent major damage to the furnace. 

  • Damaged Filters: Filters are responsible for cleaning the air before they enter the furnace system for temperature control. This prevents dirt and dust in the air from entering the home and helps keep the home clean by purifying the air. Check out these filters before turning the furnace system on and replacing the damaged filters. 

  • Fix The Blower Components: Each furnace has a blower system that releases or blows air into the home. One can also control the speed of the air released by the blower. Check out the components of the blower system and repair or fix the damaged components. Lubricating the iron parts after long inactivity is ideal to avoid major damage.

  • Check The Blower Belts: The blower belt is a major component of the blower system and contributes greatly to circulating the hot air inside the home. Check out all the ball bearings of the blower belt and look for any existing damages. Watch out for slipping off the belt, losing ball bearings, etc.
    Contact Barker Heating and Cooling for heating repair in Liberty to check out the blower belts at least once a year.

  • Replace The Heat Exchanger: The heat exchanger is the most uncommon term concerning the furnace system, yet it plays the most significant role in its working. The heated coils or tubes of the furnace are the heat exchanger. When air passes through this, it turns hot. To avoid expensive repairs, call us for furnace repair in Liberty, MO. Have our professional check and inspect the heat exchanger once every year. 

  • Check The Limit Switch: The limit switch helps in the smooth and efficient working of the furnace system and also helps in keeping you safe from any hazards. With the help of this feature, the furnace system is automatically turned off when it reaches a temperature limit, which prevents overheating of the system. Check the limit switch for any malfunction and adjust the limits before starting to use it for the winter season.


Before the winters arrive, getting your furnace system inspected and repaired by an expert from Barker Heating and Cooling can help you save a lot of money. Not only this, but it also helps ensure that the system lasts longer and works effectively.

When troubleshooting steps don’t solve your furnace issues or looking for heating repair in Liberty, call our experts for help.