Maintaining your home heating system can help you ensure that your system is working well. Checking it frequently is essential as it can save you a lot of money. Timely checks can help you track smaller issues and rectify them earlier, which helps prevent bigger damages.

Moreover, it can also help you avoid the stress of purchasing a new heating system by improving the life of the existing one. Barker, Heating, and Cooling provides heating maintenance in Gladstone that can help run your heating system for a longer time.

Seven Important Tips For Home Heating System Maintenance

  • Watch Over The Thermostat: Change the thermostat setting as the season changes. Changing the thermostat changes once in summer and before winter is necessary to maintain the temperature levels within the home.

  • Clean The Filters: The filters clean out the air from the outside. These are responsible for circulating clean air inside your home. Replacing the filters at least once every month can help maintain clean and healthier air inside your home. It also helps prevent major dust clogs in the pipelines of the heating system.

  • Heat Pump Tune-Up: It is important to schedule a heat pump tune-up at least twice a year. It is ideal to get this done by our expert professional. This can help prevent excessive damage to the home heating system. Call our heating inspection in Gladstone once every two years to schedule a heat pump tune-up.

  • Thoroughly Clean The Outside Unit: Cleaning the outside unit properly is necessary for a home heating system. While doing this, check all the wires and equipment for rust and grease. If there are loose wires, it is necessary to mend them soon. 

  • Check The Vents: A vent is present in each room within the home heating system. Check these vents monthly for any accumulation of dirt or clogs present. At the same time, it is also necessary to clean these internal vents for better longevity of the heating system. Changing the vents can also help greatly in improving the quality of air inside your home. Get a heating inspection in Gladstone with us and check your vents every once in a while.

  • Thorough Lubrication: The oil parts of the home heating system must be regularly checked. It is necessary to lubricate the machinery of the home heating system for smooth and efficient working. This also reduces the effects of wear and tear and results in a smooth workflow.

  • Check The Home As Well: This might seem like a simple thing, but it is highly efficient. Check all the doors and windows of your home and look for any gaps or leaks. The wooden frames or the edges might get loose, due to which the air escapes. This means that the home heating system must put in more effort and take an excessive load to maintain the temperature inside the home.


If you are looking for heating maintenance in Gladstone, check out Barker Heating and Cooling for quality service. Our expert team will assist you and save you a lot of money on costly repairs. Call us at 816-452-2665 now.