Winter is harsh on you physically and increases your energy consumption, resulting in greater utility bills. Since most of the households in Gladstone install furnaces or heat pumps for a stable and regulated warm temperature, it takes more energy in the winter to maintain the same heat.

This is why it is important to try and increase the overall efficiency of your home’s heat pump. From proper installation procedures to regular Gladstone heat pump inspection or maintenance, there are numerous ways to improve the effectiveness of your heat pump. Continue reading to learn the top five strategies for increasing the efficiency of your heat pump.

5 Effective Measures To Improve The Efficiency Of Home Heat Pumps

A heat pump helps your home to keep a favorable atmosphere. However, regular maintenance and checkup of the equipment make it work effectively and disperse more heat throughout the home. The following are measures that will make your heat pump more reliable:

  • Check And Clean The Air Filters: Often, dirty air filters mean insufficient fresh air can pass through the filters due to clogging. Cleaning the filters should be enough to remove any particles and eliminate any obstructions that stop more hot air from passing through. You should replace the air filter in your heat pump at least once every six months. 

  • Fix Any Duct Leaks: Corrosion frequently causes holes in the pump’s ducting. That could be a key reason you’re not getting enough heat from the pump, as some hot air escapes through the gaps and never reaches your rooms. All that remains is the Gladstone heat pump inspection of the duct area for any holes or leaks and patching them with metal tape or sealant. A properly operating duct ensures that the heat pump is efficient and that no heat is lost during the process.

  • Ensure There Is No Blockage To The Outside Unit: Since a heat pump works by sucking in the air from outside, heating it, and dispersing it throughout the home, it is important for the pump’s efficiency that nothing blocks the unit responsible for bringing in air. If an object is blocking the unit, the heat pump will not be able to take in enough air, resulting in less hot air being dispersed.

  • Check The Thermostat Settings: If the heat pump is not heating adequately, the thermostat settings may need to be adjusted to account for fan speed, heating modes, and temperature. Adjust your system’s controller to achieve the ideal temperature that feels optimum and comfortable as the seasons change.

  • Get Regular Servicing: Nothing compares to the professional cleaning and servicing provided by a licensed heat pump company. Having servicing done, even once a year, can help make the overall system more efficient, be it simply by cleaning or replacing parts. 

It is essential to schedule preventive maintenance or heat pump replacement in Gladstone at the prescribed intervals or whenever an issue emerges.


On that note, if your heat pump isn’t working properly, don’t hesitate to contact Barker Heating and Cooling in Gladstone for high-quality HVAC inspection and heat pump replacement in Gladstone.

If you want to improve the efficiency of your heat pump, call one of our professionals, and we will happily help you.