The air conditioner circulates air at the right temperature and humidity level to provide a comfortable environment in your home, apartment, or room. But a storm can disrupt its working, that can result in power disruptions in your neighborhood and harm your property. According to experts of emergency AC repair in Liberty, you can take several simple steps to restart your air conditioner if the electricity is restored, but it is still unable to function. 

Have you tried restarting it? Air conditioners are becoming more innovative, like many other appliances in your home, and occasionally need to be reset the old-fashioned way.

Reasons An Air Conditioner Needs A Reset:

There are several causes, but a tripped breaker is the primary one. Like most electrical appliances, an air conditioner has a separate circuit breaker. To be precise, two. One is working from the inside, the other from the outside. According to AC replacement in Liberty MO experts, a circuit breaker, in general, is a safety switch that safeguards your device by instantly shutting it down when an overload is discovered. 

This avoids explosions and fires. After a power outage, the abrupt increase in electrical voltage can result in a circuit overload in your equipment. A circuit breaker then engages at this point. However, an AC unit may sometimes not operate as effectively as before a tripped breaker. That’s why you need to reset it.

Steps To Reset An AC

  • Reduce The AC’s Power: Turn the breaker that powers your AC on at your circuit breaker panel to begin. Turn the power switch attached to your AC unit outdoors to the off position.
  • Locate The Button: The majority of air conditioners have a reset button. These buttons are often small and red. Consult your owner’s handbook if you’re having trouble locating it.


  • Release The Reset Button: Releasing the reset button after three to five seconds of holding it down restores the AC’s power. Turn on all switches, including the one in your breaker panel.


  • Check The Thermostat: According to emergency AC repair in Liberty experts, after a reset has been accomplished, check your thermostat. See if it is set to “cool” and a temperature lower than the one inside your home. Your air conditioner should turn on after a short while. To ensure that cold air flows through your ducting, place your palm by the vents.

A Window AC Reset Procedure

You’ll need to unplug the window air conditioner for a few minutes to let the charge dissipate since most of them lack a reset button. The window AC unit should reset and resume operation after being replugged in and the circuit turned on.

What Happens If The Outside Unit Lacks A Reset Button?

Even if the outside unit doesn’t have a reset button, you can still turn it off by unplugging it. According to AC replacement in Liberty MO experts, if your compressor unit lacks this reset button, perform a manual reset by following the steps below. 

  • The outside unit must be linked to a power source. Disconnect the system as a whole from the power source. 

  • Once the AC unit is turned off, turn off the compressor. The compressor can be manually turned off with a screwdriver. 

  • The optimum time to plug it back in is after 30 minutes. This is because the device needs time to cool down and operates better under cooler conditions than when it is plugged in immediately. 

Tips For Cleaning An AC Compressor To Improve Performance

  • Turn off the thermostat on your air conditioner and wait for it to cool down. Before turning on the air conditioner, don’t forget to switch off your circuit breaker box. The circuit breaker box will supply power to the air conditioner compressor unit. 

  • The AC unit may then be cleaned using a compressed air duster. A basic sponge and some water will do if you don’t have one. Clean off the compressor of all the dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris accumulated and clogged. 

  • According to emergency AC repair in Liberty experts, wear rubber gloves because there’s potential residual energy that could still harm you even after the machine has been disconnected from the source. 

  • Clean the compressor immediately by removing the cover grill. Most likely, the exterior sides of the top section of your AC unit are covered in screws. 

  • When you go to the compressor, gently clean it all off and remove anything else that doesn’t belong there once again. 

  • To complete any gaps and crevices that you couldn’t reach, you could think about taking your water hose and spraying the appliance with your jet stream. 

  • According to AC replacement in Liberty MO experts, fear not; the device is water-resistant. Remember, it’s still outside, even during a rainy thunderstorm. 

  • Once you’re through, reattach the grill and wait until it dries completely before turning the power back on.

Preventative Maintenance To Prevent AC Problems:

  • Inspect the ducts and vents for leaks.

  • Caulk or weather-stripping can be used to plug any cracks around windows or doors that allow air to escape.

  • Regularly clean or swap out your filters. Over time, dust builds up and jams up the system. 

  • According to AC replacement in Liberty, MO experts, the most effective method of cleaning an HVAC filter is with compressed air. 

  • During the summer, keeping the thermostat at 78 degrees Fahrenheit should generate enough heat to keep you comfortable without too much energy. 

  • Verify the tightness of all electrical connections. Vibration over time may have caused wires to become loose. If needed, tighten them.

  • You must take the condensing coils and compressor blades out of the outdoor unit if you intend to clean them manually.

  • You may need to hire experts from time to time to handle tasks like securing electrical problems, short-cyclings, refrigerant replacement, etc.


Don’t try to reset your AC unit back to back if it’s still not working or if you see that your circuit breaker keeps tripping. Other possible causes include a clogged air filter, bad wiring, problems with the fan motor, or compressor failure. For emergency AC repair in Liberty, contact Barker Heating and Cooling! Call us at 816-452-2665 right now to fix an appointment.