After using your furnace for the entire winter, it is time to transition to your air conditioner to help you survive the hot, humid summers. Your AC was off for 3 to 4 months and climate changes may have likely affected it. If AC is uncovered, it can be very dirty. 

If you do not follow a few steps before turning your AC on during summers, you will experience weak airflow and poor AC performance. It includes bad indoor air quality, noisy operation, and high utility bills.

Steps Before Turning On The Air Conditioner That Are Essential:

  • Clean the air conditioning unit : Before using your air conditioner during summer, ensure it is entirely clean. Clean the air events, condenser, evaporator coil, blower fan blades, drain lines, drip pan, etc.

    It should be cleaned using a vacuum, water hose, and detergent. You can also use a condenser coil cleaning spray to remove the stubborn dirt particles. Once you finish cleaning the AC unit, inspect it carefully to check if any dirt is left. 

  • Inspect AC internally : After cleaning the air conditioning equipment, inspect its internal components. There should be no loose bolts, bent fins, broken blades, jammed motor, or any other damage. Tighten the bolts, use a fin comb to straighten up the fins, and lubricate the AC motor. In this way, you can enhance the condition of the internal components of an air conditioner.

  • Inspect AC externally : Not only internal components but external components also contribute to the AC performance. Inspect the ductwork, refrigerant line, circuit breaker, and electrical connections.

    There should be no broken wire or cracks in the ductwork. Make sure there is no way for refrigerant leakage; if there is coolant leakage, schedule AC repair in Liberty. The insulation should be intact, not rotten. 

  • Replace air filter : If you use a washable air filter, you can clean it, but if the washable filter is six months old, you should replace it. If you use a disposable air filter, prefer replacing it once every month or once 90 days.

    Never use the same air filter for more than 90 days. A dirty filter can impact the indoor air quality and other AC components and damage their condition.

  • Verify there is no restriction : After cleaning the AC and its inspection, check if any restricting component is near the air register or air vents. There should be no restriction near your air vents.

    If airflow gets restricted, it will increase the utility bills because the AC will have to work harder to provide the desirable air quality. 


Turn your AC on. Observe its performance. If it is not meeting your expectations, contact the technician for AC servicing. If your AC is not functioning properly, it needs an emergency AC repair in Liberty. Barker Heating & Cooling can help you. 

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