We have become heavily reliant on AC during the summer to maintain a cool and ambient indoor environment. It is therefore so normal to worry whenever an issue occurs with your AC unit. General cleaning is sufficient to retrieve cool air from the AC, but in cases of coil and coolant malfunction, you should instantly leave it to a skilled professional. 

Identifying the issue is something early on, is something helpful you can do for the repair of your AC unit. You could do a minor inspection to check the outer coils in times of need and call for help immediately. 

The professionals at
AC installation in Gladstone are available to help and explain what repair and replacement your AC requires. For your understanding, a brief description of the running water issue is explained below:

Why Is Water Present In The AC Unit?

Your AC works on evaporation and condensation, and both of these phenomena involve water. The indoor unit of your AC extracts warm air from your home and passes it over the refrigerant-containing evaporator coil. This liquid refrigerant circulates inside the evaporator coil and absorbs heat to begin condensation. 

The condensate water thus drips down the coils and reaches the drip pan, from where it is drained outside the outdoor ac unit. This water dripping is normal to occur when your ac unit is working fine, but if it stays inside the unit, you should keep an eye on it. 

The amount of this dripping water is not so large to become a problem as it is flowing outside the ac continuously, but if you hear the sound of a large amount of water running, it can be the indication of a bigger issue. At this point, you should pay attention and call an expert for AC replacement in Liberty, MO.

What Is The Running Water Sound From AC?

Air conditioners are built on different condensation designs. It might be normal for one to have dripping water inside it, but not for the other ac variant. However, you must remember that your drain pan or the condensate pan is not meant to be overflowing and full of condensate. 

Here, the problem comes to light. These water sounds might indicate drain pan overflow or if the previously frozen air is being thawed inside the AC unit. The blocked drain pipeline or clogged air filters can also be because of the blocked drain pipeline. 

You might think of it as a general water dripping routine, but it can damage your ac unit from the inside. The damage to evaporator coils and refrigerant harms you and the environment, making it important to get an immediate solution before any accident happens.

What To Do When Excessive Running Water Noises Are Coming From The AC?

The usual dripping sound from the AC is nothing to worry about, But if you hear too many running water sounds, you should not ignore them. You can follow the steps given below and see if the problem gets worse. 

  • Turn Off The AC : The first step before opening any electric device is to turn it off to avoid the risk of an electric shock. The drain line and pan stay in contact with water, so it is risky for you to touch the panel while it is turned on.

  • Check For Overflowing Drip Pan : The continuous dripping of water will cause the drip pan to overflow and water splash around it. So, empty the drip container first to reduce overflow and place it back to collect the dripping water again.

  • Clean The Drain Line. : The overflowing of the drip pan may be because of clogging of the condensate drain line through which the water passes. Clean the drain line to remove the clogs, and it will stop the drip pan from overflowing.

  • Check If The Condensate Pump Is Broken Or Not : In some cases, the cause of dripping and overflowing water is the broken condensate pump. If you don’t see a clog while cleaning the condensate line, the issue might be this broken pump. You can not fix the problem at this point, so it’s better to call an HVAC expert for AC repairs and AC installation in Gladstone and fix the issue.

  • Change The Air Filters : One cause of running water might be dirty air filters. These air filters get dirty very easily, so after some time, the airflow towards the evaporator coil gets blocked, which causes the coil to freeze, and the excess water falls into the drip pan that overflows later. Therefore, it is better that you clean or changes the air filters regularly.

  • Check For Refrigerant Leaks : If you hear bubbling or hissing noises from your ac unit, it might be the sign of leaking refrigerant, which is poisonous to everyone. So, you should call the HVAC professional for an emergency and get it fixed as soon as possible. The same sounds are also created when the quantity of refrigerant is about to end, so you should get in touch with a professional urgently.

AC Maintenance And Repair

Like every other AC and machine, your AC is made of metals and can go faulty anytime with a slight mistake from your side. Therefore, you must watch out for signs indicating any faulty behavior inside the unit. Do not wait for issues to get worse. Rather, schedule a professional appointment with us right away. 

When not treated on time, these minor issues could completely damage your ac unit and make the repairs impossible. Therefore, make sure to contact the reliable AC replacement in Liberty, MO, with specialization and experience to get magically done on your device repair.


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