What happens when your AC unit fails to perform its primary cooling function? It can be frustrating, especially during hot and humid days. Barker Heating and Cooling, the best air conditioning contractor in Liberty, understands the inconvenience and discomfort of a malfunctioning AC unit.

This Blog Will Discuss What To Do When Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Not Cooling And How Barker Heating And Cooling Can Help You Address The Problem

Check The Thermostat:

When your air conditioning unit is not cooling, the first step is to check the thermostat. Ensure it is set to the correct temperature and not in “fan only” mode. You can also try resetting the thermostat or replacing the batteries if it is a wireless thermostat. If the thermostat is not the problem, move on to the next steps. 

Examine The Air Filter:

The air filter in your AC unit plays a crucial role in keeping the air in your home clean and fresh. A dirty or clogged air filter can restrict airflow and cause your AC unit to work harder than it needs to, leading to reduced cooling performance. Make sure to replace the air filter regularly, especially during peak cooling season. 

Check The Outdoor Unit:

The outdoor unit of your AC system can also cause cooling issues if it is not functioning correctly. Ensure the unit is clean and debris-free, including leaves, twigs, and grass clippings. The outdoor unit should also be placed in a shaded area to prevent overheating. Check to see if the fan in the outdoor unit is spinning, and if not, call Barker Heating and Cooling for professional assistance.

Look For The Refrigerant Levels:

The refrigerant in your AC unit absorbs heat from your home and transfers it outside. If your AC unit is low on refrigerant, it can cause the unit to blow warm air or stop cooling altogether. Low refrigerant levels can indicate a leak, which our professional technician should address. Contact Barker Heating and Cooling to schedule an appointment for refrigerant level checks. 

Call For Professional Assistance:

If you have checked all the above-listed steps and your air conditioning unit is still not cooling, it is time to call our professional technician. Barker Heating and Cooling has experienced and certified technicians who can promptly diagnose and repair any AC unit issue. Our team of experts has extensive experience in repairing and installing air conditioning units in residential and commercial properties. We understand the importance of keeping your home comfortable and relaxed, so we offer overall services to promptly address any AC unit issues.

At Barker Heating and Cooling, we use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to provide high-quality services to our clients. Our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair any AC unit issue, from simple fixes to complex repairs. We also offer regular maintenance services to keep your AC unit functioning optimally throughout the year.

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