Time goes by quickly and throughout years of working, the air conditioner goes through wear and tear and extreme pressure to provide you cool air in the months of summer. Its productivity and efficiency gradually decrease, and after the end of its working period, you might feel the need to bring a new AC system into your household.

But are you aware that different types of air conditioners are available in the market? The old models are upgraded to provide new and advanced services to increase the comfort and convenience indoors. Let us know more about the modern AC equipment with our expert ductless AC replacement technician in Liberty, MO

1. What are the Different Types of AC Systems Available In The Market?

The different technology of AC systems that are available in all the HVAC stores of Kansas City, MO, are: 

  • Central air conditioning system
  • Ductless mini-split
  • Window air conditioning
  • system
  • Portable air conditioner
  • Floor mounted AC
  • Hybrid AC (dual fuel)
  • Smart air conditioning system
  • Geothermal AC system

You have several options to choose from when purchasing a new AC system for your household. So, now you have to consider your choices and wishes to decide which one you should prefer. 

2. What Is a Ductless Air Conditioner?

In simple terms, a ductless air conditioner system is a system without ductwork. Earlier, HVAC systems used to come with intensive duct work installation. The role of ductwork was to distribute the processed air to residents around every corner of the house. But now, there is no need for ductwork in the ductless system.  

Modern times require things that are easily installed without much hassle. The inventors found a way to remove the ductwork that requires effort to install and maintain.  

3. How is a Ductless Air Conditioning System Different From Central Air Conditioning?

Ductless air conditioning systems combine an outdoor unit that contains a compressor and condenser along with multiple indoor units attached to it. The principle behind ductless cooling is specific zone cooling.  

The indoor units are mounted on the walls where you wish to receive processed air. The indoor and outdoor units are connected with tubes, and refrigerant travels from one AC unit to another.  

Every room can have its indoor unit connected to a single outdoor unit. You are free to choose which area of the residence should receive cooling. And also, each indoor unit has its thermostat, so there would be no quarrels over the temperature.

4. Advantages of Investing in Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

The following are the benefits that you get from calling the ductless AC replacement service in Liberty, MO :

Quick Installation Without Much Hassle

A ductless AC system can be installed within a few hours because it does not require a duct system layout. The Duct system takes half of the time during the installment.  

Personalized Comfort Facility

You can connect a maximum of four indoor units with a single outdoor AC unit. So, everybody will get a personalized AC system, and they can use it at any temperature they want.  

Offers Energy Optimization

Unlike other HVAC systems, a ductless AC system uses variable speed compressors that manage to maintain a constant temperature and continuously make changes in the speed. The energy consumption is minimal because there are freezing cycles in ductless units.  

Small And Compact Size

Ductless AC systems are best for small households that do not have higher cooling needs. Window AC units are obstructive, and central AC units are bulky and complex and take up basement or attic space.  

However, a ductless unit can be installed on the wall, and the ductless AC installation technician will drill a small hole in the hole to pass the tube that connects the outdoor unit.  

Better Air Quality In The Surroundings

An enormous amount of dust and dirt settles on the ductwork system. The dust, dirt, and other pathogens can mix with the processed air, enter your living area, and affect your family members’ health.  

However, no ductwork is involved in the ductless AC system, so there is no tension of poor quality air revolving around the surroundings. Its multi-layer air filtration technology eliminates and removes pollutants from the air.  

Easily Maintained

Out of many benefits of the ductless AC systems, the best one is that they are not high-maintenance units. They can be easily maintained with small services like air filter replacements, neat and clean air vents, and tidy outdoor units for appropriate airflow. All you need to do is call the ductless services in Liberty once or twice a year for repair check-ups or tuning services.  

5. Disadvantages Of Buying A Ductless AC System

  • A ductless AC system costs 30% more than a central air conditioning system.
  • You need to drain out the water regularly.
  • Get a ductless ac replacement technician in Liberty for estimation service to find the correct size to cool the room.
  • Precise and accurate installation is needed to avoid installation-related problems in the future.

6. Where Can You Buy A Ductless AC System?

Barker Heating and Cooling in your neighborhood are here to provide all the HVAC services at the world-class quality and budget-friendly prices. Whether you want ductless service in Liberty or heat pump repairing, we will quickly and efficiently finish the job without disturbing your comfort. 

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Moreover, we have exciting financing and maintenance plans that will help you purchase the HVAC system you wish and take good care of your new system. Call our HVAC center at (816)452-2665 and get more information regarding ductless AC replacement services in Liberty, MO.