It does seem delightful the first time you turn on the air conditioner in the heat. Especially if you’ve been without it for an extended period, when switching on your window-mounted unit, you may be concerned about wildfire smoke and ambient pollution such as car emissions. Should we, however, be concerned about this? 

Do air conditioners bring outside air into your home? Many individuals believe that air conditioners bring fresh air inside from outside the house. When there are high pollen days or many contaminants in the air, this generates anxiety for certain people. 

Is Your Air Conditioner Bringing In The Fresh Air?

Air conditioners are never intended to bring outside air into the house. They are classified as a sealed system because they will only operate on the air within the environment of the building in which they are installed. Professionals like AC replacement in Gladstone say that as the vent emits warmer air outside, it’s simple to believe that the system brings air in from the outside. 

AC replacement professionals in Gladstone say that air conditioners don’t bring fresh air in from outside. Your air conditioner employs a fan to suck air into the machine and spread it throughout a structure. As a result, recycled air is produced. Before entering a building, the air is drawn in and passed through coils. 

The air coming in from outside is full of possibly dangerous substances in terms of freshness. These substances might trigger allergies and asthma symptoms. However, air passes through an air filter before entering a home. Pollutants are trapped by air filters, making the air healthier to breathe. It may not be easy to believe, but this is the only communication between the two units. 

What is the quality of the air inside? That’s solely inside air, and it’s not interacting with any outside air. Only a fan draws air into your outdoor unit, removing the existing heat from the refrigerant and allowing it to cool before being recycled. This air goes through the unit outside. It doesn’t last long. The heat is dragged out and permitted to continue on its merry way. 

How About A Window Air Conditioner?

During periods of significant smoke pollution, you may realize that the filters of your window-mounted air conditioner have grown dirty. Thankfully it’s not because the unit is sucking in the smoky air. Instead, pollution has entered your home through open doors, windows, or minor holes surrounding the unit. 

When the unit cools the air within the house, the pollution causes the filters to become dirty. The filters capture pollution to keep the machine from becoming clogged with particles in the air and clean the recirculated air. It’s pointless to move dust-laden air about as it will require AC replacement Gladstone sooner than expected. 

How About A Split Air Conditioner?

Split air conditioners are the most widely utilized form of air conditioner worldwide. One inside unit and one outside unit make up a split air conditioner. Experts like AC replacement Liberty MO say that multiple indoor units are coupled to one exterior unit in certain split air conditioners. The majority of split air conditioners do not use outside air. Ceiling cassette and ceiling ducted split air conditioners, on the other hand, have the option of connecting a fresh air duct to take air from outside. 

Ceiling Cassette Type:

Commercial buildings use ceiling cassette split ACs. They have a detachable plate for fresh air intake. You can connect a new air duct to bring air in from the outside or leave it alone. 

Ducted Ceiling Type:

These take air from outside via a fresh air duct. Luxury residences frequently have ceiling ducted split air conditioners. Experts like AC replacement Liberty MO say they are concealed above the ceiling and distribute air through ductwork. 

How About A Portable Air Conditioner?

  • Portable air conditioners must be connected to an exhaust hose to work correctly.
  • Portable air conditioners with a single hose cannot draw in fresh air from the outside.
  • Dual-hose portable air conditioners, on the other hand, can bring in fresh air while releasing hot air through the other hose.
  • Portable air conditioners often have only one pipe for releasing hot air.
  • Some portable air conditioners now come with two hoses, one of which is used to draw air from the outside.

What Is The Source Of The Air, Then?

  • AC replacement professionals in Gladstone say that if you look closely at your air conditioning unit, you’ll notice that it has an inside and an outside component connected by copper cables. These copper wires are loaded with either liquid or gaseous refrigerant.
  • An AC returns air inlet is situated on the ceiling of the indoor area of your unit. The air travels through the unit’s filter before speeding over the super-cooled coils inside. The heat is transferred into the coils before filtered air is sent back into your home. 
  • Using a particle meter, you may confirm this by measuring the dust particles in your ambient room air vs. the air coming out of your AC unit. The outdoor unit draws air in with a fan, removing the refrigerant’s heat and cooling it before recycling.

The Advantages Of Recirculated Air

While it may not appear to be all that remarkable, the fact that your home divides the outdoor and inside air is highly beneficial for various reasons. 

  • Consider this: If your home was constantly drawing in air from outside, pollen, dust, mold, mildew, and who knows what else would be running rampant within your walls!

  • It might also be beneficial because it allows you to focus on specific difficulties. A qualified AC replacement expert in Liberty, MO, can also assist you with this issue and clean up the air quality in your home so that your air conditioning unit does not distribute dust and dangerous allergens in all directions.
  • While thinking of fresh air coming in through the windows may seem more effective, it’s much better the way it is. On a sunny day, though, it doesn’t hurt to open those windows and breathe in the fresh air from the great outdoors!

Many standards and regulations mandate houses and buildings to draw in a particular amount of fresh air through air conditioners for a healthy indoor atmosphere. Barker Heating and Cooling’s professional and fully insured specialists repair and maintain all cooling and heating devices. Please get in touch with us at (816) 452-2665 or drop us a mail to know more about AC replacement in Liberty, MO