A furnace is an important tool of comfort for any household. It can be frustrating when you find your heating system in poor condition. That is why it is essential to learn to reboot the heating system on time and opt for a furnace repair service in Liberty, MO.

The furnace system requires consistent maintenance to prevent any sudden breakdowns. HVAC specialists always advise homeowners to take care of the heating systems and call for professional help without delay. 

Follow These Easy Steps To Restart Your Furnace

  • Change The Filters

The filters are a significant part of a heating system. Filters ensure that your indoor air remains clean and breathable. Many times, it is found that filters become too dirty and prevent the flow of air. As a result, the furnace can break down at any point. You must inspect the filters every 30 days and choose a replacement in 90 days.

You can refer to the following steps to replace your filters –

  • You need to turn off your furnace system first.
  • Locate the filters in a compartment situated above or below the furnace.
  • In the next step, you must open the access panel and remove the filters.
  • Place a new filter in the panel and ensure that these filters are in the proper place.
  • Close and secure the access panel.

These are a few steps that any professional heating repair technician in Gladstone will recommend if your furnace stops responding.

  • Inspect The Pilot Light

For any furnace to work efficiently, the pilot light must be ON. If it is otherwise, you must ensure that the burner is not dirty. Clean the burner and refer to the owner’s manual to light it. Once you ensure the filters are clean, and the pilot light is working, you can turn on the system.
If the problem persists, you must contact a professional furnace repair service in Liberty, MO, to look into the problem as early as possible.

  • Turn Your Furnace Off And Back On Again

This is a simple and usual step to reboot your furnace. First, turn the thermostat on and set it to 5 degrees below room temperature.

After that, you must find the breaker box and turn it off. Please leave it in this setting for at least 10 minutes for successful rebooting. When the power is restored to the furnace, return to the thermostat and set it to ‘heat’. At this point, your furnace should start running.

Bottom Line

You must ensure that the furnace always remains in good working condition because, in the winter, you do not want to be uncomfortable. This is why you should approach an expert heating repair service in Gladstone if you notice any issue with your system. On-time repair service also ensures that your furnace can have a healthy lifespan with maximum efficiency.

In this respect, we believe Barker Heating and Cooling can be your best choice. We are a professional HVAC service company with years of experience. Our experts address any furnace related problems with modern tools and technology. Contact us today at (816) 452-2665.