You may not notice a problem with your heating system when it breaks down. There could be a case where the furnace was working well during the day but suddenly won’t turn on at night. Even though this is unusual, it can happen if you have ignored the strange noises your furnace has been making for quite some time.

A strange noise is accompanied by some unusual behavior from your heater, which eventually causes it to fail. It is not good to ignore strange noises as this can indicate serious problems. The quickest way to prevent big problems is to contact a professional in heating service in Gladstone.

You Can’t Ignore These Four Furnace Noises

There is no reason for your furnace to make strange noises. Some sounds might be harmless if left unattended, but others indicate a problem that may require a complete furnace replacement. It’s not a good idea to ignore these four noises when it comes to your heating or cooling system. The following are some of the sounds made by a furnace that you should never ignore.

1. Booming

Booming is like a small explosion that occurs in your furnace heat exchanger. A delayed ignition causes this. In some cases, this may be caused by a dirty burner or by a large amount of gas rushing through the combustion area before the ignition can set it ablaze.

Due to the difficulty in lighting the burners, gas builds up while waiting to light. A tiny explosion occurs once the burners are lit, causing the heat exchanger to shake and break. A fractured heat exchanger may lead to hazardous, poisonous carbon monoxide leaks. Therefore you should never disregard this possible safety concern. Always contact a professional for heating inspection in Gladstone to fix the problem immediately and provides exceptional heating repair service in Gladstone.

2. Clicking

You are probably familiar with some of the noises made by furnaces, one of which is a clicking sound. Normally, such noises are not repeated, but if you hear a clicking noise repeatedly, that might indicate a faulty flame sensor or a problem with the ignition.

3. Squealing

Most of the time, this noise is caused by a rubber belt falling apart. Ensure the fan motor is functioning properly and get the belt replaced by a professional. There is a possibility that squeals and screeches occur because metal bearings and other surfaces aren’t well lubricated. Keep your system tuned up every fall to prevent this from happening.

4. Rattling

We often hear a rattling sound when something loose gets into the furnace. In the case of a furnace, pointing out what has gone loose is an urgent matter that a professional technician can only handle. It is important not to ignore such sounds since a small rattling sound can quickly become a bigger issue. This may eventually lead to a breakdown of the furnace.

If you hear any of these sounds after turning on your heating system, contact an experienced HVAC specialist for a professional diagnostic. Barker Heating and Cooling know to meet all of your comfort needs as a leading furnace installation and repair provider in Gladstone. If you would like to learn more about our service or book an estimate, please call us at (816) 452-2665 or contact us online.